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skateboarding (vert)

anybody here like to skate vert?

i just posted a clip on my site of some vertical action at my site...

check it:

giddy up!
i like skating vert although in my town we have a very small and bad halfpipe! i'll take a look at the clip right away!
hey champ,

post some pics of your local ramps - be good to see the scene in greece!
WEll your pictures really look nice . I like swimming but haven't got places like that at my home town.
thanks man, you never know, if you go for a bush walk you may find some cool places you never knew exisited! go adventure!!!
yer skating is hell good. i remeber when i used to skate it was the funnest thing. but now im in a band so i would rather play than skate, actually after band prac the other week i skated, it was pretty good. i can still kickflip and stuff, but i still really suck but thats not the point
Thats cool

i tryed wasn't a good start

when i tryes the oli i fell down.... i tryed many times but fell every time

i tink i just stay at riding my Bike
I skate vert but I am a noob at skateboard but I am definatly vert cause I am smart.
I am learning how to ride rails cause I rule lol.
anybody recommend a good site that can teach me how to skateboard better like skate demos and stuff.
Esnetni wrote:
I skate vert but I am a noob at skateboard but I am definatly vert cause I am smart.
I am learning how to ride rails cause I rule lol.
anybody recommend a good site that can teach me how to skateboard better like skate demos and stuff. is a pretty good site
Vert Boarding is definately the best kind of skateboarding. I think a lot of people are still new at boarding but its great to see everyone giving it a red hot go. I can ride rails for a few minutes and finish with a kickflip or an indie but that's probably about it. I'm not very good. Skateboard-city is an awesome site, with a few demos and a lot of great skateboard material for hardcore fans.

Boarding is very individual though and you have to learn your own technique and style cause copying someone else isnt anywhere near as fun. Pull off moves you've seen pulled off before and try to imitate it, and then learn your own way of doing it. Grasp the basics, dont try to pull off a move to perfection unless its got your own twist to it
i prefer street skating because where i live theres no skate parks o half pipes. i was national champion on my country when i was 14!

long time ago...
just to remember suicidal tendences... ( possed to sakte o go skate)

Let's skate!

Seemed like such an innocent toy, He was an All-American boy ,Got a skate at eight years old. Now the story can be told

Beware he's possessed to skate!

Skating takes him up in height. He's a pilot on a modern flight, See him flying through the air, Well if he don't land then he don't care
hey the_gamer,

that rye airfield park looks rad! is it your local champ?

get some pics! and footy!
i skate bowl mostly, i don't know if you've ever skated that. i used to skate street primarily but then i started hanging out with some older dudes and they got me into bowl skating. I'll see if i can't muster up some pics for you Very Happy

EDIT: go here to check out some pics of our park.
that sucks! as long as they don't 'peg' the surface i guess it is cool. check out my local:

rad vert ramp and a sweet-as mini spine plus the obligitary street course. danny way is out here in a couple of weeks which will be good, check my site for the footage when i get it!

at monster the bmx sessions are kept to minimum, which is good, but they are allowed to ride the vert whenever they want, but you know what? hardly any of them do!
I skated bowl at Umina for years (BJwok you may have been there? Umina Beach, just north on the Central Coast Wink)

but now I really want to get back into skating (stopped for a few years) and I want to skate street, I just feel so contained when I skate bowl - and playing Skate and Slam on my phone has got me really keen to re-learn all the street tricks Very Happy

I used to be reasonably good too... but those days are over, I've gotta pretty much start from scratch now!
hey David_Pardy,

this is gonna sound like i am making it up, but i ain't (and why would i too?) but i skated umina on the weekend! ha! what a coincidence!

a whole bunch of us from sydney went up to ride the new bowl at san remo and ended up hitting the entrance, umina and then checking out a pool at kariong!

pretty weird, that then i should see this post huh? rad!

grab your board mate, start learning in the small section at umina, then when you feel up for it come down to monster on a sunday arvo (you may recognise a bunch of central coast lads that do the regular weekend missions!)
Dude, I barely have time to skate as it is Wink. I went to Umina yesterday after work and it all came back to me the moment I dropped into the bowl!! Only disappointing thing is I couldn't pull off one of my signature fakey airs from the 4' bowl into the 2' bowl, but it'll come Wink.

I've gotta get comfortable standing on it again though, my ollies and kick tricks and stuff are still really awkward and I'm barely pulling off shuvits and kickflips. SIGH. I will get there though!

Having a new deck is a nice new breath of fresh air though, it's so much easier to do stuff now Very Happy
nice work dropping straight into it champ!

was it the 'deep' (and i use the term lightly) end or the shallow?

hey i see you're a drummer? i fool around with musical endevours, we should do over collaboaration type thing over the net? if i sent you a 'demo' of a song with no drumming could you record a drum track and send it back? something along those lines could be fun?
Well I suppose so, I tried a couple of air tricks but my grabs just aren't working again yet Wink. I could drop in switch with no troubles the way I used to, all the rock to fakie tricks and stuff and normal b/s 50-50s in the bowl, 5-0 stalls, all there.

Today I went back to the skate park again for about an hour, practised some 50-50s on the block and kickflips... I've worked out exactly where my feet need to be to start getting good high kickflips again so I'm stoked about that! I just need to start landing with my feet ON the skateboard Wink.

As far as collaborating a tune over the internet, I would love to but my biggest problem is not having respectable recording equipment. The best I can do is a pair of headphones plugged into a computer's mic in Wink. It sounds like the solo at

If you're still interested, we'll see Wink.
oh okay, maybe the jam over the net wouldn't be so cool then Sad

oh well, keep skarting champ!

hey have you ever skated the karriong pool by any chance?
If by 'pool' you mean the 5' bowl at Kariong skate park, then yes, and I used to be able to air from the 4' bowl into it too Very Happy

I've never skated in an actual 'pool' though, I've never seen one with the right sort of transition?
nah, not the bowls between the pine trees, i actually mean the half olympic size pool at the old boys home? check my site today, under the san remo mission tab there are a couple of pics...
Nope, never been there... If the opportunity arises I suppose I'll have to check it out some time.
ahh ok, there is tentative plans to drain it in the near future - if you want in just say the word!
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