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Novis Design

Hey All,
I run a buisness called the Novis Design. We make widgets for dashboard, graphics, and web sites. Our site just got a make over so check it out everybody. Also, does anybody know what file types this host doesn't allow? Can I upload videos? thanks. I really like all there features and my old host sucked big ones (orgfree).


Novis Design
Tell me what you think
Sombody check out my site. It is now hosted on FriHost. Everything great so far. Does anyone know if I can use videos on this host?

novisdesign wrote:
Does anyone know if I can use videos on this host?

You can use videos provided they are not copyrighted (a few examples of these would be videos recorded from the TV, clips taken from a DVD or music videos). Please remember that the copyrights also extend to the music, so you can't create your own videos then add music to it as a backing track without permission from the artist / recording company. If copyrighted materials are found on your hosting account, the account will be removed.

I really like the glassy look of your site, very professional.

The header is great (the picture ND on the top) Right below it, you should have a horizontal navigation bar incorperating the glassy effect.

Make sure you use tables and the navigation bar below (sorry to say, but the nav bar is one of the worst quality i've seen) is overlapped by something called "Too cool for IE" .

Change your main font to Arial or Verdana.

All it all, Great Effect.
Thanks for your nice comments.
The "Too Cool For IE" is a sticker that shows your site is in xhtml and unsupported by Internet Explorer. The badge is positioned with a fixed positioning, one that IE doesn't support either. I'm guessing you use IE, and IE renders the fixed element into the middle of the page (over the bar). So thats why it looks bad. Once IE is updated to support all of CSS 2, it will look correctly. Just to clear that up. Thanks for the review.

It looks nice.

Suggestion: Use the font Verdana instead of the default (the name surpasses me at the moment) it will make the site look more....Poof! Very Happy

CC: Have the navigation (stuff below layout area) be an image with the same colour scheme as the layout itself.
I have changed the font to Verdana from my old Sans Sarif. It does look a little better. What do you think?
Better. Smile

What is the 'Too cool for me" thing covering 'home'?
The "Too Cool For IE" is a sticker to get people who are using internet explorer to change to FireFox or ANY other browser avaliable. I talked more about it a few posts up.
Can somebody please review my site. We are making a huge makeover to it in a few days. Its going to be way better. I have a question. My site changes pages with javascript. Should I do seperate htmls for each page or do you like javascript?
looks cool now. not much to see really. but nice layout
its not bad.... actually i like the desing a bit... but there is actually nothin to do on ur site..... i suggest if u want more orders for web design u better add a portfolio or a collection of graphics made by u... so far i only 1 graphic.( if im rite) .....
It's nice to meet a fellow designer... Very Happy Although I do not take in making widgets or any other fancy graphical items myself. * I can, hovever, make things like my current signature... And websites... And draw...
Anyways, JavaScript or no JavaScript would be a personal preference. But judging by the lack of 900 page essays on your website, I think the JavaScript is good. One thing you could include on your website is a navigation bar with a :hover state. Perhaps darken a part of the navigation bar a little bit if the cursor goes over an item.

* I've really improved in Photoshop now. (Eg. I can make fancy graphical items.) Let's just say I learn fast.
i really like the pages loading in a flash..but their seems to be some images missing in widgets area...

but great site.....(Y)
I suggest removing the "Too cool for I.E." banner as it looks really unprofessional.
yeah too cool for IE distract the layout...
Thanks guys,
Newer design coming up in a few days. Looks years ahead of the last. We will be adding more graphics and such. And the too cool for IE image will be ousted. Thanks for the nice comments everyone. Also, the pages aren't in flash, they are switched with javascript.

it's a clean site and your widgets look like you put some thought behind them. my one branding-oriented suggestion would be to add a sense of fun or character into the site. what makes the apple site a strong visual presence is their ability to bring in not just color, but faces and moods. add a bit more of a human touch (characters or photos would work) and your website will feel more welcoming.
your site wouldn't open for me champ, otherwise i would pen my thoughts for you
New site up and ready. Looks good. Try it out. I added a small guestbook like forum, a new widget, all new design (new porfolio designes coming soon), e-mail us section, and more.
It looks... Different. I wouldn't say much better though. Personally, I liked the old color scheme better. But the site still is looking neat.

P.S. Can you please edit your first post and topic title to reflect the change in the design?

P.P.S. If the chia pet widget is "released today", why is it "coming soon"?
{name here}
Good looking site. It takes a while to load even on DSL though. Also, it might be a good idea to put alternative text on the images, not only so you get the idea of the image if it doesn't load, but also to make your page accessible.
site looks great. good use of colors. more content would be better because theres nothing on your home or my browser didn't properly load. An explaination of what your site is would be great cause i was confused what your site was when i got there. i dont like the menus cause it requires java script. hope this helps and good job.
The site looks awesome, very clean-cut and smooth. The choice of colors is nice and it's appealing to the eye.

Not only that, but the content is great too. Razz
Thanks for the nice comment about the site. The content is growing every day. The forum is also working quite well for what it is. The front images are a little big (working on that) and some of them (chi pet) were made prior to the site being released. That will be fixed soon.

i looks very simple, but nice. I needs more content though.....
Good professional webdesign. Keep up the good work!
thank you sirs
Clean design up there. I like that. Would suggest more content in "graphics" and may a bit more details on "about us"
Have to say that looks really well, you may want to fix your xml though

Really nice graphics used on the site, and I love the "made on a mac" at the bottom.... don't know why I just do
We have added a few new graphics to the graphics section. I also fixed up the rss feed. Check em out.
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