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My 3d Artwork

Thought I would post some of my artwork. Let me know if you like or what you think! Thanks for looking!

This was for a contest I did a year or so ago. The background, and two characters are 3d models, the clothes, battle wounds and hair are all postwork.
Another one...not sure if everyone can see these...let me know if you can't...or if you can help me post directly to the post, that would be even better. Thanks!
Ok, one more and I will quit boring you with these!

The background was rendered in a seperate 3d app. The figure and throne were rendered in Poser 5. Clothes and hair were post worked.
looks nice, but if it be hand job with pencil or pen it would much better i think. because 3d pics have no warm emotions and that is worst thing in art.
nice nice nice one man
it looks like the real
what ever
drawing with free hand is best sure

thanks for sharing
The art is outstanding! The lights and shadows are incredible.
I have a friend who is as good an artist as you are, who likes the same sort of themes... I just wonder what makes these themes (blood, war, demons, darkness, etc.) so appealling to you. I get tired of looking to those for too long... I don't mean to diminish your qualities as an artist, though. As I said, the drawings are perfect!
this is very good!!!!what program did you use?
really outstanding
how long did you spend on this?
Thanks for the compliments! I used Poser 5 and Photoshop. Each picture takes about 5-6 hours to complete once it is rendered. It can usually take an hour or more to setup the scene and then another hour to render. Trying to postwork the renders more instead of relying too much on the 3d aps.
Flarkin wrote:
I used Poser 5 and Photoshop.

At first I thought you modeled them in Maya and ZBrush - I was shoked, but Poser is also very nice program;)
Is a very nice art .Keep it!
I have no idea how to do 3d stuff, but it looks very good.
Omg, this is incredible m8!
What program do you use for it?, I Love that indian, bloddy damn good one!
OMFG, you're GOOD!!!

I'm tryin to learn that a long time but it will not work Sad
Very impressing. Really nice work. I would wish i could do stuff like that.

My brother has done few threedee artworks but they aren't that real like that. They're very simple and don't have any type of textures on them, just plain colours. But he's always getting better on this and maybe in the future he will do thing like that. I hope that because i love 3D.

Good work and post more like that Very Happy
big d
holy crap whoa thats some amazing work!!!!

i had never tried 3d rendering yet but i thought i might take a try at it one day Razz

but i mean the shading a proportions are all can make some seriouis money man and if you really like doing what your doing the money will be easy as hell...Good luck with ur talent Smile
Good job!A very nice 3D picture!!! Very Happy
Oh my gosh. Nice work.
I am interested in learning how to model 3D stuff. I started using a free program called 3D blender. Nice program. Man, I never heard of Poser until now, and it looks great. Looks like I will buy it.
In the future I want to make a video game. So that's why I want learn how to model. Wink
I am also learning Computer Science in the U, so I can do some programming.
I love that, later i go download the Poser (again), i have the Cinema 4D but i dont can how use he. Sad
Nice work on the textures on the first one dude. Really nice. This one bugs me a little, it looks like a game engine's product. Perhaps placing it on a background would help.

Very nice work indeed
It's very nice, that guy with al those ...(i forget the name) in is body, is very nice, i almoust thought that was a picture made in real life, but then I saw those.... (forgot) and thought that it was fake.

The one with that women is also very nice, but her legs have to much muscels.

And the third one, i can't see that.

Love it. I think it looks great.
Thanks all! Been a while since I have gotten on the computer. Insane deadlines at work. Anyways, thank you all for the compliments. I have been working with Poser for about 3 years now. When I first started I used a lot of premade textures and stuff. Now I am trying to use as little as possible except the figures and then "paint" everything else with Photoshop. I decided to use Poser as it was a fairly inexpensive alternative and I haven't had the time to teach myself modeling, so I am kinda cheating and just trying to capture what I can to continue with my art. Thanks again for looking and all the compliments. Anyone who is interested I can direct you to some great sites for info and stuff!
In the first one, the arrow looks like its going through the guy's hair rather than skin, but that's a nice render. The demoness looks great. Strange perspective though. Shocked
Whoa man, that looks really great but I would suggest drawing with pencil first would give the image more emotion but the indian one is AWSOME though. Man you must be really good, this 3D stuff is kind of getting interesting for me. Might try it sometime soon. Keep your work coming man its great I want to see more. Razz
Thanks Shake! I agree the arrow looks like it is coming out of his hair. I tried to get the hair to kinda lay around the arrow, but still working on that! One of these days I will get it!

XxGunner: Most of the 3d renderings I don't get to pencil before hand. The figures are all 3d models that I have to go in and manipulate as best as I can to get them into a somewhat realistic pose. Faces were always my struggle when working freehand with pencil. With the 3d models, I don't have to worry about offset eyes or different size ears...just have to work on making them look like they have life instead of just a statue.

Thanks again for all the compliments! Been in a funk lately, but will try to post something soon!
yeah thats a pretty cool picture probably took you like 2 weeks do do those
ŭt's perfect 3d art.
Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked
man how do you poeple learn how to do this so well i try and try and can never come with something to even keep. but nice job man reel tight
OMG!!! I like it. Shocked
Thanks! I have been doing this as a hobby off and on for probably the last 3 or 4 years. Alot of the figures are purchased...for me it is easier to create the visions I want without fighting with parts of the figure that I can't free hand...which after using the computer for so long is pretty much nonexistant. For me it is less stressful to do it this way. Still have a long way to go before I get a style that I am happy with.
Impressive. Have you posted this on already?
j0zman, I haven't yet. Checked out that site and there is some pretty amazing stuff on there! I don't think that I am up to that caliber yet, but I do appreciate the site! I am hoping that I can get something done this weekend and will have to post it here!
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