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LAN is one-way & takes a click to be two-way. Why?

The Philosopher Princess
I have what, to me, is a strange LAN connection problem. When my 2 PCs boot up, #1 can always “see” #2 fine, and #2 can never “see” #1. In other words, the connection is one-way.

However, as soon as #1 actually “looks” at or does anything with #2 (even as simple as #1 displays a folder on #2), then #2 can immediately “see” #1, and the connection is two-way.

Because it only takes a simple click “into” #2 from #1, it seemingly can’t be a firewall problem. In fact, I have had this LAN setup working perfectly before (without this problem). I don’t see why, for example, adding a new hard drive to one of the PCs would make any difference.

Why would #2 always depend on #1 doing something first? How can I stop this annoyance? Or do I have to just accept my PCs’ personalities: that one is extroverted, while the other is shy and introverted, needing #1 to always make the first move?

I have Windows 2000 Pro, Sygate Personal Firewall, and use a Soho Switch 8 LAN connection box.

Even if any of y’all don’t know the actual answer, maybe you would at least have a suggestion for keywords I could search on for help. (Search phrase "'Windows 2000' LAN 'one way then two way'" etc. gets me doodlysquat. Smile ) I often track down my own computer problems by internet searches, but this time, I can’t think of how I should search.
Interesting one....

I think that this is probably due to the 2 PCs being set up slightly differently. Check to see if you have NetBEUI installed on PC #2. I suspect that it is having a problem with using different protocols, and once both have established communications it sorts itself out.
The Philosopher Princess
Gosh! I really thought you were onto something, SoftStag, because you were right that Netbeui installation/usage was different: #2 had it and #1 didn’t. The same was true for a couple other things in the network Properties. Initial unchecking of those different things (to make the PCs the same in that area) didn’t seem to hurt but also didn't fix my problem.

I’d always assumed, since the 2 networks cards were different, that it was expected that they’d need different Properties entries (especially since these same 2 cards were talking two-way from the start before). But when I have a chance (probably tomorrow), I will more thoroughly test the differences in the network setups.

Thanks for a suggested area of focus!
Hi Princess

I had a look on Microsoft's site; this article is pretty much covering what I said in my previous post, but I think you should have a look through it:

If you want to Google, try the following string in Google's search bar: "peer-to-peer" "windows 2000"

Hope this helps.
The Philosopher Princess
SoftStag, you are not only brilliant, but you are very kind to share your brilliance! That article is just what the doctor ordered.

For others who may run across this thread:

** Though the article talks about Win 2000 Pro and other OSs, it also applies when both are Win 2000 Pro -- for that was my case.

** My PC #1 had only the 3 default Properties of TCP/IP, Client for Microsoft Networks, File & Printer Sharing...
** My PC #2 had those 3 Properties plus NetBEUI Protocol, 2 NWLink..., and Client Service for Netware.
** So, I installed those extra ones of #2 onto #1, and viola! my PCs' LAN totally works!

Now, if I could similarly upgrade the personalities of some other PCs (Person Clients) I know..... oops! that probably fits a different thread.....

Anyway, thanks again! Very Happy
Glad to be of help! Very Happy
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