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My website

Hello everyone. I just finished my web site conversion from html on tripod to php on frihost. I just want to know if some of you could go on my website and tell me if something go wrong or if it don't look well on the different web browser.

At the start, my design is made to look good on both IE and FF. I don't know how it look on the others. You can look and tell me if you want so later when I will create those versions of my web site, I will have some comments on what to do first.

My web site is in french alos (as it's my first and main langage). If you don't understand it, you can always look at the design if you want to do so instead of looking to all the texts.

If you understand french, then I will be happy to receive your comments there either on my guest book or here. Unless you want to comment on the subject of my website, which is non-negociable Shocked

I will wait for comments so I can upgrade to a better lever my site really soon.
Hey man,
Nice site, but everybody hates the splash page. They serve no purpose so you might want to consider getting rid of it and having the user go directly to the site. Nice Site tho
Okay, I will think about that. when I've started my site, I wanted to add a php function to see which brwoser my guest were using so they could use the best css codes made for that broswer.

But with the lack of time, I forgot to work on that point (except for IE and FF since I now use a style sheet that look well in both). If I remove that option, I will remove that page as you said.

Thank for the advice...
The text across the book cover is unreadale for me. not much else to say, I don't read French ( I think it's french)
the homepage of your site is not match with the whole site

the text is a bit different to read and it make the book not beautiful

keep working hard
Nice website. I can view it great on Internet Explorer 7. However, I suggest you get your main page changed and add more content. These days, people just like to get to the point and they don't prefer just a big picture on the index page.
Okay, I think that I got it Very Happy I need to work on my homepage!

I'm working right now on soem more things that will appera there as soon as I got the time.

Thanks for all the comments, it really help!
Hey, nice page man in php. Nice try! Twisted Evil
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