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New Student

What should I do?
Become friends with him, and screw your other friends
 78%  [ 18 ]
Juss move on with life and act as if you never saw him
 21%  [ 5 ]
Total Votes : 23

There is a kid who just movd to my school and who seems really nice. People think he is wierd because he has a little excesshair on his face. I want to become friends with him but my current friends want me to not speak to him. What should i do?
From the time that I was in grade school to present day, I have found that if your friends dont want to hang out/talk to someone and you do and they give you a hard time about it, then they are not the best of friends. A true friend would state what they feel but if you choose differently then thats your choice. Dont have others think or control you. Im sure that the new student would be glad to have someone to talk to. I say go for it, be a good friend.
Saber is right, forget those kind of friends, they are not true friends. I did lose such friends once and i am not regreting it a bit.
I'm the only person so far who said screw him. I'd stick with your current friends, you don't want to become an outcast like him do you?
Frankly if your friends are that shallow you should have nothing to do with them.
I think you should definitely befriend the new kid, because I have been the "new student" many times in my life and I know how it feels to be alone. But I don't think you should just ignore your old friends either... afterall, you guys have been friends, and friendship is not something people should just throw away. I think you should convince your old friends to at least give the new kid a chance... you never know, all of you could be great friends one day.
Your options don't really suit me. The "screw your friends" part seems like the right thing to do, but if you are good friends with them, you don't want to ruin that.

Excess hair? Do you happen to be in third grade? Do the people at your school go around "na na na na na you have extra hair" and yell childish insults at him? What a STUPID thing to not talk to someone over. Stupid.

I would at least give him a chance, see what's going on in his head. All it takes is one person to say "hello" and it could make their day, their week, or even their school year.
If your friends give you a hard time for something like that, they aren't your friends. A true friend wouldn't insult you for befriending someone just because they have alot of facial hair. So I say go for it.
Why would you have to choose between him and your current friends?

You CAN exist in more than one "clique" (I think that is what they are called)

For instance, half of my friends go to a different school and hate the other half of my friends. I don't care what they think. If that's your issue, you shouldn't care either.
uh......i think your poll is a little biased if you want to know the truth....
just because you want to make friends with him doesn't mean you have to screw your other friends over. have you ever heard of making MORE THAN ONE FRIEND? you should practice that concept. it'll get you places in life. besides, im pretty sure your friends will accept him eventually. obviously your friends are still in the omg weirdo, lets seperate into cliques stage. its okay, take your chances, the worst that could happen is you realizing that he is a weirdo, and suffering through endless torment by listening to your friends chanting that they were right fifty hours at a time. that's what life's for. Very Happy
If you have to choose between him and your current friends, then maybe your current friends aren't "real" friends. Real friends don't make you choose. Besides, it seems like a stupid reason to dislike someone because he has some extra facial hair, could they be any more trivial?
Your final choice should be your own and suited to the kind of person you are. If you are a shallow person, go with your current friends way of thinking. As it was pointed out so eloquently earlier, you should try (at least) to remain friends with the people you are already friends with...but only to the extent of being your own person. If your current group of friends are so negative towards someone over something as small as facial hair, who knows what they will be against next? You may end up being the outcast at some point with that kind of crowd yourself. It may be difficult, but try to put yourself in the other persons shoes. Would you want to be cast out because of something that was beyond your control? Or maybe because you thought differently?

Be yourself and make your own up your own mind. Don't just say "Screw my other friends", or even take any of the advice given in this forum, instead try to seek a more workable medium. It can, and has been done in the past.
thanks for the input, I talked to the new student and amazingly he likes almost everything i do. not only that, he taught me some of his new language. weve become great friends. should i show him to my old friends?
I would say do what you want (of course nothing bad), befriend the new guy if you want to. If your current friends ditch you just because the new guy's your friend, then I say forget about them, make new friends.
I'd certainly try to introduce him to your new friends. If your new friends are like most people, they'll welcome him even if they don't like him for the sake of not being ******. And then after a while when they've had a chance to get to know him, they probably won't hate him anymore.
First come your ideas and interests, then your friends'.

Think: Who is the 'boss' of your life? Your friends or you?
hang out with whoever you want man
Dude, just do whatever you want. You don't have to ask us what to do.....
i think, you have to overcome the fear, because Embarassed the people are people without concerning nothing
Wait... they think he's wierd because of his hair? Tell the new kid he needs a haircut, and tell your friends to stop being homosexual; men should not care about hair. Laughing
I would become friends with him. If your friends are true friends then they will stay your friends. If they dont' then they never really liked you anyways.
it's good to make friends with others
you'd find fine to do so Laughing
make friends and introduce him/her to existing friends
Saber is right in dumbing THE so called Friend, forget those kind of friends, they are not true friends. I did lose such friends once and i am not regreting it a bit.

I say try to make friends with the new guy. If your current friends do not want to be friends as a result, they probably were not great friends to begin with. Also, once the new guy gets a friend or two, others will probably make less fun of him.
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