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Certain things does, other not... why?

I asked myself a question the other day. Why would a rock composed of almost the same atoms as a man would NOT be living like us? Is there somewhere a true "soul" thing? What makes us living and moving when a billion of other things with the same composition as us are frozen and not moving...?
XSTG wrote:
What makes us living and moving when a billion of other things with the same composition as us are frozen and not moving...?

Couse they dont have the same composition and structure for sure Smile
Composition does not determine function.

Think legos for a second. You can put your legos together in an infinite number of ways, and each combination has a different function. A car with wheels is made to roll, and a fighter jet with wings gets flown around the room with shooosh'ing sounds. They are both made of legos, yet they are completly different.

Atoms and the combinations that they make are just like legos. Put them together in certain ways and they form molecules of inorganic or organic life. Inorganic is made to sit around all day lilke a rock, until some cave dweller picks it up and throws it at some moving mass or organic life, in hopes of stopping the organic life so the cave dweller can cook and eat it thereby perpetuting his own organic life. The rock has no say in this. But I have wondered off course. What were we talking about?
It's a rather complicated problem. First, the way the atoms are arranged does really matter (for example - graphit and diamond are made of exactly the same atoms of carbon, but arranged in other ways). The base of living organisms are proteins, every creature contains them. Scientist also believe that first form of live on Earth were just single proteins existing somewhere in the sea bilions years ago. Today's organisms contain also the DNA - coded information, on which buildings of this proteins is based. This chemical process - rebuilding proteins using the information given in DNA is the most primitive form of live, a rock or someting would never do this. I believe this is enough for simple organisms (like bacteria or protista) to live. But human beings are way too complicated to explain their behaviour only with chemical processes. In my opinion we're not only the matter, but there's also a soul inside of each of us. No way to prove that, but I would never agree that the fact I'm writing this post depends only on the way DNA is arranged in my cells Razz
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