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Indie rock?

In my sixteen years, I've been called a number of things, but my favorite label was "indie hipster," which is what I was called last friday by a classmate. I guess it's because of the music I listen to or the way I dress or whatever. But it got me to thinking: how indie is indie rock?

I thought I could just list some of my favorite "indie" bands and artists somewhere and see if anyone had heard of them. Because, I suppose the more "indie" something is, the less people have heard of it.

So here it comes:

1. Hanson
2. Broken Social Scene
3. Bright Eyes
4. Coheed and Cambria
5. Death Cab for Cutie
6. Banana Hallway
7. Nick Drake
8. Elliot Smith
9. Sigur Ros
10. The Dollyrots
11. Eisley
12. The Revenge of Abe Lincoln
13. !!!
14. The The
15. The New Pornographers
16. Vitalic
17. Ellen Allien
18. Scientist
19. Ween
20. Wilco

So there you have it. That's my top 20 list of bands that I love love love times a trillion.

Now here's where you come in:

You reply and post the bands you have heard (or at least heard of), and then post your favorite obscure band, and then the next person who posts says if they've heard of any of the bands previously posted (from either post), and then they post their favorite obscure band, and so on.

Let's see how weird we can get!
Well, I'm late in commenting, but...

I'm a huge fan of Coheed and Cambria, Bright Eyes, and Eisley. I also like Broken Social Scene and !!!. Nice list! There are a few I haven't heard of, but most of them just don't fit my tastes, somehow.

If you like BSS, check out Stars--they're amazing.
nice list

my favouirte out of them s gotta be sigur ros

ive herd of all them.

mine to add to the list

is the klaxons!
Confused I fail to see how some of those bands classify as indie music. Such as Bright Eyes. That is pure 'Emo'. I used to listen to Bright Eyes and anything Conor Oberst a while back. I still think Commander Venus is hilarious.

My favorite Indie bands have to be Placebo and Circa Survive [although they mostly classify as post-hardcore]
I like Gym Class Heroes. They're indie and hip-hop.
The greatest Indie band of all time is Kent from Sweden. Unfortunately they never made it the US and didn´t get the attention they deserved. They don´t play Indie music today but they´re earlier albums are great. Check them out here:
i think "indie" is a category of the new bands that suddenly emphasize in the main stream, before they sign wiht big companies. while it happens the time they're become in other genres n' styles.
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