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If you want to buy a notebook. What is a brand do you want?

If you want to buy a notebook. What is a brand do you want?
 16%  [ 4 ]
 16%  [ 4 ]
 0%  [ 0 ]
 20%  [ 5 ]
 16%  [ 4 ]
 4%  [ 1 ]
 28%  [ 7 ]
Total Votes : 25

Please help me. I want guide to buy a notebook.
well one of the main factors is what you want to do with it. how much you can spend, how soon u need it.

what you plan on doing with it is a big key. if you want just basic functions web, word processing, email, etc. then just about any kind will do. if you want more complex tasks that limits your choices. if you dont need it soon and want to do some complex things i might wait a lil till dual cores in laptops become a lil more mainstream. price is a factor in terms of what extras you really dont need to get the office or word processor(unless they throw it into the package) partly b/c there is openoffice, a good open source alt. to the expensive one.

so a lil more help from you will enable us to help u more
Sony are really expensive, but are feature packed and with good battery life.
What? No Apple? Come on!!!
IBM ThinkPad is Best, after Apple
I've got a Toshiba Satellite M70-SR6. I don't have much experience with other laptop brands so I can't compare, but my Toshiba has been serving me well.
Even though it is not in the choices... I believe that Gateway makes a pretty nice laptop. I have one and it is 3 years old now. it is still better then most laptops being sold today by dell, hp, and any other brand.
hotamar wrote:
IBM ThinkPad is Best, after Apple

I completely agree. ThinkPads are so nice and sturdy.
I think Thinkpads from IBM are an excellent choice as well.
i recently bought a acer aspire 5024wlmi and i only have good opinions about this notebook. it has a very long batterylife. and it works very fast. maybe there are others wich are better, i dont know, but i can certainly give you a tip about this one. if you plan on buying a notebook, then buy the acer aspire 5024wlmi.
I use a Gateway Solo laptop, a great computer
I'm in the middle of paying for my laptop (Dell Inspiron 1150), so far half of it is paid for. Smile I am a big fan of Dell computers, and that's what I chose this time. I got a couple other laptops that aren't Dells but I either got them cheap or for free.

- Mike.
no apple?
I would buy an apple I really would those things ROCK
Alienware Aurora 7700

See you guys at the next lan party

depends on your typical usage and replacement / repair options.
sony is good, but its not easy for me to repair or get replaced. so i opted for acer, whic to an extent i can repair myself Smile
just buy a powerbook, it's good, stable , you have a very good batterie and a good operating system Very Happy , no window:D
and you also have office for mac, so you don't have an excuse

ACER Travelmate is really kool series. Also they have nice warrranty offerings.
Why not Apple? I have benn using it for last 10 months and it never gave any kinda problem. Just go for it. U won't regret. Just make sure that the applications u want to work with are available for mac os x platform. I have MS Office 2004 on my iBook and it looks much much better than office XP on windows.
It is Lenovo who makes Thinkpad, instead of IBM.

It is the same brand and the same quality.

Actually I love the X series and the Z series. They are the best!!!
I wouldent go for any of those brands. The best labtop is an alienware. They are a little exspensive but I bet they are better than anything else.
Acer makes really great laptops, and not too expensive.
Have already tried HP, Toshiba, Dell. Had problems with HDD and powersupply in Toshiba. HP nx.... good tough a little bit to heavy. Heard that Fujitsu-Siemens start selling the lightes laptop. Would not mind to try. Also IBM Thinkpad.

From what a little experience with Mac family, they are just perfect.
Apple. I bought my first mac a few months ago. I am irritated when I have to use windows now.
I would get a Dell.. They allow u to customise on most parts so u get what u want.. it is cheap also i think.. this is true in my country, as they rule out the middleman, although i'm not so sure about other countries..
even though it's not windows, I would suggest a mac. It's clean, can do most functions of unix and has an increasing support. otherwise, get IBM or ASUS, two awesome brands. Dell has been too commericalized, Gateway's a 'cheapie' brand, hp is okay, but not great. I've actually heard a lot of good stuff about toshiba (out side of this forum) and their satellite lappies!
My laptop's an HP and it seems to be doing all right, aside from the pink dots that dance around my screen. I don't like that it often gets hot enough to burn holes through my legs from ten minutes of using it on my lap alone. The adaptor does work as a nice foot-warmer at times, though, and the laptop itself is a bit heavy. Laughing

I've heard that ACER laptops are pretty good, and I haven't heard any major complaints about them - they're also pretty affordable for their price. Another member of my family does own a Toshiba laptop, and it seems to be holding itself up well - even better than my HP. Though from personal experience, it seems like Toshiba laptops don't have much in terms of battery life; my HP outperforms my family members' in terms of how long it can stay alive without a power supply. Sony ones seem to be pretty good, as long as you enjoy using all the features it comes with.
I perfer Acer, because Acer laptop is more cheap and not so expensive.
Well, if you ever deside, you could alway visit ebay. I purchased a bazillioin stuff so cheap, recommend to all Exclamation
I actually am thinking of buying a notebook. I'd say other. If you don't include Apple, then I'd chose Toshiba. Toshiba has been my favorite for quite some time. It's reliable and quite powerful. One of they're new models (Satellite M100) using Intel's Core Duo Processors. Toshiba laptops provide great multimedia features and a good look. Toshiba is well priced for the features. They're customer support is nice as well. One thing, if you want to do gaming, Toshiba is great but there are others that can do better. If you don't go with Toshiba, Acer and Dell may work. But, I strongly recommend Toshiba over Acer and Dell.
I own a Sager and I love it. It eats most other laptops for breakfast...

NO NO NO NO, Never buy a hp compaq.

I got my hp/compaq comptuer. The battery was rated for 2 hrs only last 30-45mins just watching dvds. and about 1-1.2 hrs on no load.

The screen broke (was never droped or hit) the backlight died. I sent it in to get it fixed under warrenty. about 10 months later it died again.

The cd rom drive doesn't close anymore I have to use duct tape to hold it shut if I want to watch a movie or put a disk in.

The thing is crap. It is rater new and is a celeron 2.66ghz just to give you an idea of how new it is.

I have never droped it or anything these are just cintoms of bad hardware and manufaturing.

I would go with SONY. Never had a problem with it. My playstation 2 is 5 yrs old and well keep care off. Still works great. I had 2x sony 13" tvs One of them broke and the other is still running there both about 15 or so years old.

Go with apple first but it seems like you only want a windows computer so I would leave it out.
i would definately go with SONY. The only problem being, the (HUGE) price premium. If you want quality, go with SONY. If you want Value, go with ACER
i'd like to buy a Fujitsu tablet PC. It just looks awesome to me.
I would go for a Toshiba any day. This is because their internal architecture is highly efficient and hence results in long term reliability. They have notebooks ranging from home requirements to enterprise requirements. I would definitely recommend Toshiba!
i'll go for Toshiba...
is ASUS that good ?
The iBook is really good.

Why didnt you have that option there.

It is one of the safest and best out there.

I ll buy that when I get my hands on a few bucks
I'd go for Alienware, just because they look awesome!
I'd love to buy a Dell 700 inspiron .....I have tried my brothers Dell 6000M but still fell the 700 inspiron is cool in all aspects.
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