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Simple Frames?

Can anyone direct me, tell me, show me, how to make a simple 2 or 3 frame setup for my webpage? All I want to do is have my complete list of animated gifs on the left side and be able to click on them and have them open on the frame on the right. If it makes a difference, I'm looking for about a 35/65 split.

Thanks in advance for any help.
I dont know what your level of experience is but here is the code you would put in another html file (like index.htm).
<frameset cols="35%,65%">
   <frame src="frame_a.htm">
   <frame src="frame_b.htm">

You have to make 3 files in total for a page displaying 2 windows or frames(that is unless you use iFrames). "frame_a.htm" and "frame_b.htm" are the two "frames" you want displayed and must be created and edited indipendantly unless you are using dreamweaver or another wysiwyg.
Inline Frames are also neat as you can create your standard html file then simply insert another frame of content within it. Code for that:
src ="/default.htm"

There are various attributes that can be used on the frame and i frame tags so look into it a bit. I hope this gets you started.
Check out and for more help.

Do you mean a table?
Groovy. I'm now working out some of the finer points, but now that I've got my start the rest is getting easier to figure out. Thanks a lot, I appreciate it.
No problem. You would be amassed how much information is available at w3schools. Well, I guess you wouldn't be as you have been there now. There are a lot of prettier places to learn but I figure with w3schools you get it straight from the w3c horses mouth, in its entirety.
Go through a handful of their tutorials and you will find yourself writing html in no time.
Another place you may find of interest that has some AWESOME tutorials is He has a bunch of flash videos that will walk you through, holding your hand the whole way. Easy way to learn..

Good Luck!

Then I can tell it wasnt tables!
Sonox wrote:
Then I can tell it wasnt tables!

I apologize, I should have responded. I just saw the frames code and started working on it right away. What do you mean by tables tho? I mean, (duh) I have a general idea of what tables are, but I thought tables were basically just equal frames...?
No frames and tables are two different tools at your disposal with HTML. You can use tables and frames together to make a page laid out like you want it. You will find that with frames you at times cannot place an image or frame exactly where you want it (beyond 3 frames is working on overkill). That is where you can bring tables into the picture.

 <th colspan="3">This is the Table Header - like "k7leetha's webpage!"</th>
    <td>the "tr" tag above created a row and now the "td" tag is a cell in the         first column ( add another "td" and get another column!)</td>
    <td>This is the content of the 2nd column - add as many "tr" and "td" as you like to lay out your site</td>

Within the "td" and "/td" tags you can can enter other html like frames and iframes! I don't know if any of that makes any sense... You can always refer to the w3schools site... it is all there. Also you may want to look into CSS if you are really getting into it... There are alot of the web2.0 folks who swear by its positioning system over frames and tables. Also available at w3schools.

I'm gonna have to try that out and see if it will do what I want. All of a sudden I don't have time to do all this stuff, but I'm gonna work on some of it over the next couple days.

Thanks for the info.
also... if you dont want any borders or scrolling on the frames...then do this...


<title>BJST- Skate For Fun, Not Fame.</title>

<frameset cols="22%,78%">
<frame src="menu.htm" frameborder="0" scrolling="no">
<frameset rows="20%,80%">
<frame src="banner.htm" scrolling="no" frameborder="0">
<frame src="" name="BJST" frameborder="0" scrolling="yes">



remember to use names in the frames....see how mine is name="BJST"..... well now when you want a page to show up target the link....
<a href="PAGE.HTM" target="BJST">PAGENAME</a>

Simple as that....frames are tricky at first but after awhile there easy...
good luck
Yeah, coding is one of those things that looks omigod complex, but if you just remember what certain things mean, the rest of it becomes like a recipe...or some other analogy ;P

3 months ago I didn't know ANYTHING about html, but thanks to guys like you who help out, and just spending time tinkering, I've figured out a lot of basics. Definitely got a long way to go before I consider myself knowledgeable, but looking back, it's funny to see how much I can do now.

Frames I never bothered with before, so this is a whole new venture. I've just got so many dang gifs now I figure it'd be easier for the viewer to be able to see who whole list at once and still see them individually on the page.

Does anyone know of a really good, easy program for doing webpages? I don't mean something like a WYSIWIG, I just mean something that's very intuitive. What I'd really like to do is be able to have a whole section of images, and be able to (this is just a theoretical example) highlight all the images, right-click on them, and click on "create links" or something of the sort. I've got hundreds of gifs, and I really don't want to have to go thru each one and make individual links. Currently I'm using NVU, and it's pretty nice, but it's freeware, so I'm guessing it's lacking certain things.
Freeware doesn't have to lack certain things. Try Evrsoft 1stpage, also freeware. It has a useful preview function that you can use to experiment with HTML and see the results instantly. Good for learning what codes exactly do.
you could always use Microsoft FrontPage....its a lousy program (im sure people will back me up on that ) but you can do simple stuff like that...or even learn some new html code that you never new...ive learned several different things in HTML....i take a lot of comp classes in school n for some reason i always have to do frontpage...and it gets very boring so i start messin around in html view...ive learned like ways to change your borders on tables n stuff...little things like that which can really enhance your website if you no what your doing.
I personally use textpad. It is not free but has a unlimited, uncrippled version available for free download. I like it because it has markup color coding for several languages (like php) not just HTML. NVU is a good one though... You will find some simularities and differences... Good luck!

I feel the editor such as textpad is fit for those HTML experts. When you are not so familiar with languages, the GUI softwares can help you to work on your job.

I suggest you to review the source code to understand what the software created automaticly. That will help you to master the HTML. Sometimes you can only change the source code with coding.
i do all my stuff in HTML, CSS, and textpad anything special compared to notepad? or are they the same?
TextPad has color coded markup which helps keep your eyes from crossing Very Happy Also it has tab inserts for a highlighted area which helps if you are trying to organize your code for easy reading. You can highlight, say, 3 lines then tab them all over to where you like them. Only downfall is it is not free but the shareware isn't crippled so is ok.
Well unfortunately I moved recently, and my net time is totally scattered cause I'm working 55+ hours a week and having to use my dads comp cause I can't get the cable strung out from the house. But ASAP I'll try out that textpad and see how that works for me.

Thanks guys, keep the suggestions coming.
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