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firefox "jumps"

does anyone else use firefox and have these problems?
the window "Jumps" up and down making it VERY hard to read and concentrate on what your doing
and it closes without warning at all
losing what you may have been working on
example email,website code,and stuff like that I hate IE though
any other browsers? or do I need to re install?
please help me out here eh i wanna be able to browse without being annoyed
Just one question: does other windows have that problem too?? Never had that problem.

Possible causes:-
1. The monitor (LCD, CRT) has some problems, eg. too old / wrong settings.
2. Some Trickware or Malware has creeped into your high security PC.
3. The website you're visiting has some End-of-January Fools script.
I never had that problem too, but my Firefox closes without warning sometimes... I can't find a way to fix it.
Anyone knows how can I fix it? Thanks!
The best way is to reinstall it. If that doesn't work, use Opera instead.
spyware and malware? or a virus maybe? or a hacker plays with your computer?

i dunno. I never experienced that too. Maybe you have to scan your computer with AS and AV softwares first. Reinstall firefox. Then if the problem still persists, I dunno... re-install a fresh OS install?
most probably a virus. run a full scan of your computer. also check for adware/spyware. i had a similar prob where firefox window would remain open for just 3 seconds. after that it would close automatically. turned out to be a virus
Well I use Linux, so it is not a virus... I had this issue in Windows too...
hmm... its doing it now
Linux can't a virus?
cool..... i'll still run a full system scan to be sure that its nothing caused my some infection somewhere if all else fails I can reinstall firefox
if that fails i'll use Oprah instead or Netscape or something
First of all, just like everybody else said, check your computer for viruses and spyware. Don't just check once, either! After you use the one on your computer, use some online ones like pandascan too. They may have different dictionaries of viruses. Also, be sure to use several different spyware programs (again, different dictionaries). Then, make sure you are using the newest stable version of Firefox (and NOT the one of the nightlies or anything... ). The latest stable version of firefox I beleive is 1.5. You can get it at Hope this helps!
very very odd
its not doing it any more and i havn't done anything to stop it lol
again thanks im still going to re download and re install it I dont think i'd use a different browser the only one I like better is Safari and its not compatable with windows....
I had the same problem and came to the point that I no longer wanted to use Firefox, but I fixed it by disabling my bookmarks toolbar.

View>Toolbars> uncheck the Bookmarks Toolbar.
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