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New Sega Console To Be Launched

This one is very interesting. After 7 years out from console's sega are to now release a brand new console. Suposed to be a better spec that the new playstation three.

Launch games are rumoured to be Sonic Unleashed, GTA San Andres 2.

This all came from an interview with the sega president about the launch of some of their new games.

This is great for sega fans, that the original king of consoles are going to be fighting in that next generation market.

It is also rumoured to be called the dreamcast II.

Who knows, all i know is that i wish that it does happen. Would be very nice to see all foru consoles on the market. (Sony, Nintendo, Sega, Microsoft)

Here is some more information about this:
If its going to be better than the ps3 then it will be a long long time untill its going to come out... some of the ps3 chips are not even fully developed(as far as I know) so unless the sega is going to use the same parts... and clame that its better or they are going to have to develope something new.... oh well. I hope that it will turn out well. I did enjoy lots of the past games for sega.
What the heck? That's from E3 2003 written in May of 2003....... not to mention it states:

NOTE: A follow up to this story has been posted, after Sega confirmed there is no such hardware in development and that Yuji Naka's comments were mistranslated.

About 3 years behind Razz
Kelcey wrote:
What the heck? That's from E3 2003 written in May of
About 3 years behind Razz

lol, and I was all exicited Embarassed I was a little sceptical at first when I read it because Sega failed so miserably with the Dreamcast why would they use it's name again???? it'd just bring back bad memories, though I don't understand why the dreamcast failed in the first place? I loved it and thought the games were really good compared to ps1 and n64

dreamcast is being rereleased though Wink
I still think Dreamcast is helluva a system. I still regularly play mine Smile

With the ability to play ROMs on it doesn't hurt nor being able to put linux on it either Razz
also I really like how you could put little mini games on the VMU, that was a really cool idea and how when you have a VMU in the controller and your playing it shows game info on the screen
dcshoes23 wrote:
also I really like how you could put little mini games on the VMU, that was a really cool idea and how when you have a VMU in the controller and your playing it shows game info on the screen

I never figured out how to play the VMU games Sad

Currently I'm playing Skies of Arcadia and it has a mini game that can help you out throughout the game.

If you give me a step-by-step instructions on how to play the VMU mini games, I'd be grateful!
A new sega console? I have to see it before I believie it.
i want a dreamcast >_<
have to become rich first though =(
Now this is interesting. I remember when they vowed out of the console market, they have been watching it for some time and have obviously decided to step back in.

I own a Dreamcast, I use it regularly and when I do, I am always amazed by the graphics and how they stand up to todays console with ease (anyone wanting to argue with that, play resident evil CV on DC.) but after 7 years, will they still be making them as good as they used to? and even if they do will anyone take notice (The DC's sales were absolutely criminal for how good the console was.)
I didn`t hear this news untill now, i`d like to see new dreamcast becouse i never saw it, i had consoles liek sega mega drive 2, best game ever on it was lemmings, and sonic Smile
I knew there was something wrong with the story when I read the first post. Sega will not be releasing a console anytime soon, if ever. There are still people that would stay away because of how they screwed things up in the 90's. Plus there are already three systems out. 4 would just be too much. Plus there is no money to be made selling hardware except licensing fees. Money is in the games which is what they do now. Don't hold your breath to ever see Sega branded on another console.
Yeah Sega gave up making consoles after their failure with Dreamcast 1. Don't get me wrong I thought it was awesome. COme on internet...
I was waiting for the "April Fools!" shout to come out (although a bit early), but I suppose being old and mistranslated works just as well..

Truthfully, there's no way Sega would come out with another console at this point in time. For one thing, I don't think the market would support a fourth console, and Sega has sort of a bad reputation after how the Dreamncast tanked (even though it was amazing).

Finally, if any of the more recent games are any indication, a new Sonic game isn't exactly something to get excited about. (Although I heard that the Wii Sonic wasn't exactly terrible. I played the XB360 version for a short time though, and the controls were HORRIBLE).
dcshoes23 wrote:
also I really like how you could put little mini games on the VMU, that was a really cool idea and how when you have a VMU in the controller and your playing it shows game info on the screen

Kinda like the Nintendo DS. Sega is also a big part of the Nintendo Wii, I think all their games from all consoles are available in the Wii Shop. I highly doubt Sega will be able to launch a new console for another console generation, which I wouldn't be suprised if they took a crack at something like Dreamcast 2.. But after Saturn became obsolete, everything they did basically bankrupt them. Their entire business's success lives on through the popularity of Sonic the Hedgehog.. Which is now a sellout.
i am one who happened to get a dreamcast. i had asked for a ps2 at the time but my parents got me a dreamcast. it wasn't too shabby. i loved sonic. the opening cutscene with the tidal wave was just amazing. i hadn't seen anything like it.

the VMU was a great step in terms of memory and having used as something more. the marketing of it could have been done so much better, but it is hard to compete with a name like sony.
Hope it gets rebadged, i think it would be a mistake to call it dreamcast II, after the first one not out selling its rivals, and with sega been out the market for so long, a new name would be a better idea. SEGA VS (Virtual System) sounds a better name if you asks me, mixes old (master system) with new technology (Virtual) and is alot more catchy
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