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The Left Wing Blues

S3nd K3ys

Bill O'Reilly wrote:

Jan 28, 2006

With all the problems the Bush administration is having in Iraq with surging oil prices and the media hammering the president 24/7 on just about everything, you would think liberalism would be getting some traction in North America. But apparently it's not.

Polls show that Americans support conservative judge Samuel Alito for the Supreme Court by a wide margin, Canada just elected a conservative prime minister after 13 years of liberal rule, and the president's terror warrior poll numbers dwarf those of any Democrat, despite all the controversies over eavesdropping and interrogation.

So what's going on?

Seriously, a good question. What's going on? With all the negative publicity spewed from the liberal media, the left STILL can't get a foot-hold. 51% of Americans say they will definately NOT support Hillary for Pres. She's the best hope the left has to win back the big chair.

Why can't the left just realize that the majority of people don't want them? It's been shown overwhelmingly in the recent and definitive loss of power by the left in the US Government. Yet they continue (and have even escalated) their efforts to discredit the Admin thru lies and viscious attacks, the very same thing that caused them to lose power in the first place.

I don't get it.

American Thinker wrote:
January 28th, 2006

The other day, the American people saw George W. Bush once again addressing his critics in connection with the NSA’s surveillance program . Despite the fact that he has been accused of the worst of possible motives – of willfully and deliberately breaking the law to spy on his fellow citizens – the President tackled this and other gratuitous charges without a trace of anger or bitterness.

A relative few presidents in this country’s history have endured the kind of vicious and spurious attacks that have been leveled against George Bush. Completely abandoning any sense of decorum or statesmanship, some of the highest officials in the Democratic Party have repeatedly called him a liar, a loser, an election-thief, an airhead, and a fraud. Regularly likened to Hitler, there have been books discussing his assassination. Recently he was even dubbed the world’s greatest terrorist by one of America’s once-prominent entertainers . There are just a few of examples. Sadly, such views are increasingly becoming part of the mainstream liberal outlook.

But no matter how malicious they have been, George Bush has always faced his critics with affability and goodwill. Even his most bitter enemies – hating him as they do – would be hard pressed to fault him for being uncivil or personally unpleasant.
exactly why do you label non-cons as 'left'? I mean, the American Nazi Party is certainly not conservative and it's evidently not on the left of the spectrum, no matter how much of a tool you are.

As for the post, I don't think anyone even KNOWS what being 'on the left' means, thanks to more than a hundred years of brainwashing. That might be a good reason.
I agree! Almost all the news is liberal, so naturally they want to try and focus on everything bad and somehow tie it to the president to distort the truth. With all this brainwashing, you would think that the liberals would be gaining strength, but the conservatives still stand strong.
here is a little lesson on the political spectrum...

Right wing= Pro Buisness/pro nation

Left Wing= Pro people/'Pro world

On the Far right are Facists, such as Musolini, Hitler, Franco and various other statist dictators. Their primary goals were to create a supercapitalist society based on the sufferings of others (reference the holocaust). They thrived during world war 2 in response to the great depression

Slightly more towards the center are the NeoCons ( and paleo cons, for that matter), like Rupert Murdoch, George Bush, Ronald Regan and Strom Thurmond. They, with the support of the religious right, weild a great deal of power for with the people of the united states, who are generaly bible thumpers. They are against abortion and all other social programs and want government control there, but are ultra capitalist in the views on buisness. Currently are in power in the US, as well as on talk radio

Closer to the center are moderate Republicans, which comprise doctors, lawyers and businessmen from the north and midwest. They support the buisness proposals of the republican party with out giving a damn about the social issues. this comprises people like Rudy Guliani, John McCain and so on.

further left are Moderate Democrats. These people are more gung ho about social reform and could care less about the economy. Southern democrats also fit in, due to the fact that they are more liberal in the economic beliefs and more conservative in their social beliefs. includes John Edwards, Hillary Clinton and Harry Reid

Next are the Radical Liberals. These people, like Michael Moore, Al Sharpton, and Al Franken, support a more socialized system, evening the playing ground between all people. they support no government control in the social spectrum, while heavy government control in the economic sector. This is where most newspaper columnists lie.

on the far left are Communists, such as Lennin, Stalin, Chairman Mao, Castro and various other party supported autocrats. The goal of communism is the general welfare of the people by instituting a socialized economic system. they supported the leveling of pay, the institution of mandatory brainwashing and other tortures quite similar to those of facisim. they too thrived after the depression

as for why 51 percent of americans wont vote for hillary, Its because she is a nit wit and a criminal. As a liberal person, i cannot stand her, simply because she is riding on the coattails of her husband.

As for liberals destroying america, not true at all.

liberalism will resurge, its only a matter of time
Bill O'Reilly is not a news source. Hillary would make a better president than the half-wit we have now. I have some criteria that I use to tell if someone is a reliable source of information or not. Let's see if Bill or George can pass...

How long have I know them? Under 10 years
Do I have evidence that they have lied to me in the past? Yes
Is either named Bill or George? Yes

the formula works like this <10 + Y + Y = LIAR

See? Now it is scientific. Abandon your support of this crooked administration.


How Long Have I known them? 15 years
Do I have evidence they have lied to me? No (Bill Yes, but see question 3)
Is their name either Bill or George? No

Trust Hillary

Why did W have lawyers look into the Geneva Convention?
Why did those lawyers come back and say it did not pertain to the US?
Why do we have to give up the right to a private conversation for our government to keep their friends(Note Afghanistan, Iraq, Cuba) from bombing us?
If we are doing them a favor in the Middle East WHY DO THEY KEEP TRYING TO KILL US?
Easy on the Left S3nd K3ys, your going to give them a vericoseal, and you’ll never hear the end of it, you know how they like to bitchh.

Stop kicking me in the balls, these are new over-halls, ………
Easy on the Left S3nd K3ys, your going to give them a vericoseal, and you’ll never hear the end of it, you know how they like to bitchh.

Stop kicking me in the balls, these are new over-halls, ………

you know how they like to bitchh. oh, come on, noone on the left starts 841.211 threads to brag about the murder of innocent civilians, or to show pride about the right to kill other human beings at will, or to moan about the 'libs' calling you names you deserve.

Don't be that much of a hypocrit, it's disgusting.
faced his critics with affability and goodwill.

Yeah. Ask Valerie Plame...
first of all i am totally shocked that anyone still quotes bill o'reilly. That alone almost made me hit bak button. But that's another topic for another year.

You do have to admit it, "the left" is in a doldrums right now. Their problem is that they don't have a unified message. it's almost as if they need their own little specialised political spectrum to help them understand themselves. Some might see it as pure confusion on their part, or them simply sticking to their beliefs and not just sticking to the party line. The right is definitely more homogenous. First of all they all like dubya. and i mean really like him. and they support they war. don't like gay people getting married and taxes and big government. The left likes gay people but isn't too sure whether or not they should get married. As for taxes, some are good, some aren't. they aren't like the right, who just plain hate all sorts of taxes.

That sort of thing. So until they become more unified they won't be any match for the Big Bad Fat Elephant!!
S3nd K3ys
Today's Alito vote has driven the left over the edge. They are completely unhinged. They couldn't win at the ballot box, the courts aren't going their way, so now its blackmail

Un freaking believable

Democrat = permanent minority party

Check out this link and the photo. It a cache of a legitimate Democratic congressional candidate.

Another Imprudent Dem

Now go to the offending website. The offending photo is gone. No surprise there.
Colonel Kline Vs. General Grant

Read the comments at the bottom. This woman is comitting political suicide and is too hatefilled to know it.

Republican's don't need to campaign against Democrats anymore. Just give them free internet access and a blog. They'll charge right off the cliff screaming "ChimpHitlerBush must die!!"

In better times she was
Time Magazine 2002 person of the Year

But now... from the comment secion
What's that burning sound? Oh yeah, it's TOAST

Funny stuff... except its not funny at all.. its true.

(edit for prementive strike)
My lefty friends will point out the similarities between this little tiff and and recent incident when unhinged Republicans called Senator Murtha a traitor and coward.

There is one big difference. Their comments were quickly condemmed by Republican leaders, including GW.

I'll be waiting for the Dem's condemamations, but I suspect I'll have a long wait.
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