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Do Please Check out my site...

well, okay, this is the site that i created for the board that I belong to, basically we're an rp board that plays in jk rowlings hp universe. I set this site up a week ago, was hesitant to post here since it for the lack of the better word suck.

yes, i used frontpage and all sorts of scripts that i found on the web. This is actually my second website the first one was on geocities years back, I was 13 then and I have to say i haven't improved one iota from it, so please be kind. I suck at this sort of thing. any advice or just plain help would be nice.

thank you kindly
I hope this wouldn't offend you...

I thinks some of the fonts look too dull.
A good font (my favorite formal font) is Tahoma.

You should also expand the navigation column down so it looks better. (you don't have to put more links, just expand the table or div, whichever you used. and do the same with the right column)

Also i think you should think about people with lower resolutions. It does not quite show the whole page...
i agree with the fonts comment. they do look a bit messy and harsh on the eyes.
okay i would do that with the font, so you suggest tahoma?

but with regards to the resoultion, how do i go about it, as i've said i kinda new with all these stuff. but thank you kindly for the criticisms.
i suggest size 10 Verdana or size 10 Trebuchet MS

they are the best fonts to use in my eyes.
i'll suggest looking around at some similar sites offering such content to get a good feel of how to get a design to speak out what you're offering? not copy but get a feel... first impression is i can't make out what you're focusing on as a site. hope this helps
well, the font could be good. Just don't make it THAT big. And put some more bg picture so that it won't look so Dull.

Try to match the colors too. Wink
hmm.. i personally don't like too much new windows opening up Rolling Eyes you probably could consider opening pages in the same window unless it affects navigation, e.g. if you're opening a chatroom, a new window would be preferred so that users can continue to surf your site.
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