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Saw 3

I have heard they are making a saw 3. Is this true? Are they going to make a 4th ,5th, etc? I am really curious since im a big saw fan.
Yeah, it is true. But as far as I know, it will be a trilogy, so only three Saw movies will exist... I think that if more than three are going to be produced, it should have a very interesting storyline, since it would get repetitive...

I'm also a big Saw fan. Twisted Evil

Saw was a great movie. Saw II was a bit of a letdown for me, I expected more of it and while it was pretty nasty at times, I was too prepared for it from having seen the first movie. Hopefully the third (and last?) movie will be as good as the first. Very Happy

This is my kind of genre.. Twisted Evil
Saws plot with the gore of Hostel. Now THAT would be an insane movie.

Plot Outline: Torture-friendly serial killer Jigsaw continues to "teach" those who are undeserving of life alongside his new apprentice.

Jigsaw's dead. What the hell? We all saw him die. His heart gave out. Fake review? It's hinting towards that.
madsencarl wrote:
Jigsaw's dead. What the hell? We all saw him die. His heart gave out. Fake review? It's hinting towards that.

Hep, his dead for sure (nothing is sure in this movie Wink ), I think, it's gona be mrs. Jigsaw Cool
Or they going to make prequel... Rolling Eyes
They already have made one too much in Saw II to be honest, but in the line of the Freddies, Halloweens, Friday the 13ths it's no surprise that they are trying to milk the Sawcow as much as possible. Surely people will still come. Enough to make a nice profit again.
saw 2 and saw 1 were 2 crazy movies lol they were the best...i just wish they keep going making more of these saw movies they are just great and mind twisting....very good movies..
Jeeze! This horror movie was the scariest I've ever seen ! Well, possibly aside from The Shining and The Exorcist, but I usually scale them all on different genres. Like the original, for instance, was scary in a manner that was suspenseful enough to shock the pants of of you whenever voice levels increase and mysterious enough that the plot took a good number of directions,where in this one the plot is richer and thicker and the action packed into it is really good (I'm serious ! I've never known a horror movie to be able to take some hardcore action violence and still send chills down my spine without making it look stupid or cheesy!) and,"Oh, yes.There will be blood."

I may be a gullible guy sometimes and may be easy to impress, but this movie I can assure you that good horror movie lover will keep popping this in every chance he gets.
i hope in the third part they will spend a few more money for the actors because the playing was not very good at first one neither the last one (at least this is my oppinion) offcourse the good cast worth millions so i guess they just prefer to spend more on special efects.
i dont no if it's true but i sure hope so i loved the first and second ones they were so exciting and scaryi cant wait till the third one if they are makeing which they probaly will and if they make a 4th and a 5th i will spend all the money i ever get to go and see the a million times lol.
That's be really cool. I agree though that they would need to make the storyline really good though. It wouldn't be interesting if was just the same old stuff.
I love Saw 1 and Saw 2. They are making a Scary Movie 4 and its going to be a parody of the Saw movies and I can't wait! I love love love the movies. One of my friends let me borrow the first one and our cheerleading squad went to see the 2nd one when it was in theaters. I would love to see a 3rd one. I like the plot and find parts of it funny. I love the twist that Saw 2 had about the whole thing in the house was prerecorded and I love how it showed the bathroom scene from number one!
I thought that SAW was brilliantly twisted, however the second one was truly lame. I was really disappointed with Jigsaws successor. Believe it or not I pretty much assumed she was in on it from the beginning.
I'm not a huge fan but I saw saw 2 (sounds wierd) last week and a third would be pretty interesting. I think the twist on the second was actually pretty good.
I loved both one and two. Great non traditional story telling, as well as cool cinematography. I just hope they don't beat it into the ground. I think beyond a third installment the story might become cliche'
gheh saw is just lovely Smile (in a brutal way)
It happens that I saw Saw 1 last week. I never heard of this movie before.
You have to have a really sick mind to write/direct this film. ( a little bit Tarantino with a lot of gore attached).
Good thing that I wasn't alone, the movie has a lot of creepy stuff in it

Well I have to see Saw2 first.
I have only seen saw1 and I have to say: WOW. It was quite amazing movie, thought it was quite spooky and didn't felt so good when they showd those victims burning and screaming etc. I'm waiting the sawII for DVD, because i'm not 18 yet and i can't watch it in movie theathre.
First of all, WOW, when I saw these thread I trembelled in my chair a bit.
I loved the 2saw movies, and I just can not understand the 'I-think-saw-2-is-stupid-and-suck' kinda people, It ROCKS~

Now, The current realese date is Oct. 27, 2006, and it is official.
Liongates had already bought a domain ( and it is on

So, no more BLABLA's, I just want to SEE IT NOW Razz...
soundz great, i thought they'd come out with one eventually. itz nice to see something that an asian person (James Wan) started become so accepted and loved in a society where racism is still so big. i cant wait for the teaser and the trailer.
it would become very lame...because sucessor after sucessor would be cheesy.
schu1162 wrote:
I thought that SAW was brilliantly twisted, however the second one was truly lame. I was really disappointed with Jigsaws successor. Believe it or not I pretty much assumed she was in on it from the beginning.

I believe you, because by reverse logic, I actually didn't assume she was in on it. Smile Told my girlfriend (yes, she dragged me into Saw 2...) that it would be the most annoyingly stupid twist ever if she turned out to be the equivalent of Jigsaw lying "dead" on the floor in the first one - i.e., the actual murderer or an accomplice. And she did Confused

I could have lived quite happily without a third film... Smile
After watching the 1st two movies, I have become a fan of the Australian kid who made this movie. Too bad he ended up with a low budget company like Lion Gate Films. If he had bigger budget and better starcast, this movie wud have been a blockbuster.
Saw 3 would kick teh major a$$
seriously.. this movie is the one of the best thriller man.. smart storyline which got me surprised in the end of the show.. intelligent killer.. i mean, he is not a killer.. but well, the police thinks so.. wat a good way to change ppl's lives.. although, you have to make the right choice to survive or you will die.. haha.. great movie.. kept me rooting to the chair of the cinema..
Saw 3 would be very good if it was directed and produced by Quentin Tarantino. He can direct a horror movie in a strange, but good way. Just look at Hostel: It's a real good movie, that has some elements that Saw 3 could use. Something like the chainsaw thing..
I hope the movie will have a large budget so the effect would be awesome! Not that it was too bad in the first 2 movies..
4th? 5th? Usually a Trilogy is the furthest most movies go after losing all the creative juice in the 2nd.
i loved the first one when it came out back in 03'...then the second last year was great too....
cant wait for the third
Now there is only 103 days to watch it..Visit the official website of SAW 3:
The website has a really strange intro!And I think we will see the real HORROR!
There's going to be an Uncut version of Saw II released on DVD as well, just in time to promote the release of Saw III:

DVD details here

They always seem to be doing this, I can't really see what'll get added to Saw II - the uncut version of the original Saw didn't have that much added in.
Argh just seeing this title set me off. I will forever hate Saw and all it's movies, not because of them specifically but the events surrounding how I ended up watching them. My ex first watched it with another guy when she was quote unquote cheating on me (SAW1), then she forced me to watch it with her (SAW2) after we so called 'reconciled'. Argh, I don't think I will even see the third film because of this...

Anyway about the movies themselves, SAW1 was groundbreaking, as it was twisted and totally raw in it's nature and the fact that there was no antagonist so much so there was a cruel game played in which the participants did not have any choice in participating. I loved the first movie, the spoiler at the end just made my mind explode.

Watching SAW2, everything i have built up in personaly loyalty in the franchise just got thrown out the window. First because the old character was there and I clearly deduced that the old reason that would happen is if she was related to the events. Which was the fact. Anyway, the entire movie now relied more on shock and awe horror then the straight out mind ****** that SAW1 was going for it. Since the pool of characters increased the tensions and relations fluttered because one could not possibly expect the same level of depth as the first movie between the photographer and the doctor. Some of the characters just died suddenly for no reason, the asthmatic girl for example has the character impact of pink elephant.

The ending was the most dissapointing, first it instantly went into the realms of the what the ****** nature, though i loved the tie in with the first movie. What it left was that basically Jigsaw's first victim will now continue his reign of terror... now psychologically speaking we are talking about a character who had to murder her still alive roommate to retreive a key from him suddenly doing a 180 degree turn and aligning herself with the person who made her commit the act. That's just totally implausible.

Like all great Horror franchises this will dwindle and fiddle out in terms of plot lines, think of Wes Craven's Nightmare on Elm street. Alas, pure Jigsaw I knew him once.

I can't stand the Saw movies....but I like being a know-it-all, so here's a link to their teaser trailer, which for some reason isn't on their website yet. It's showing up in theaters showing "The Descent"
I liked both Saw movies and I can stand for next episode. Cool
On the official forum, they were saying that it is quite possible that some forum users' ideas might be used in the movie, you may try your luck there I suppose.
Wow, the promo looks great.

cant wait till it hits the boxes.

YAYYYYYYYY Saw III I'm so glad Very Happy
Not really sure if they are making a saw 3....but i wonder how theyll make it as people have said dragging on a series just to make money really sucks as the movie just gets funny over time Razz but then again some movies do go upto 3 or 4 parts and end up being quite decent so well just have to wait and see how saw 3 will turn out...even if there is a saw 3.
I'm a Saw fan. Very Happy Very Happy
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