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Style XP

What do you think about Style XP program?? This program allows to change appearance of windows.
Ive never seen or heard of Style XP.

But i guess its like an ad-on, unofficial, to change the look of XP?

Its like Messenger Plus, which is unofficial and if you dont have it is very ugly when people do fonts in different colours etc. I dont intend to get illegal stuff..well i bet the coding was from the main XP Program so it couldnt really be illegal. Or if not its just tacky.

But id love to know more so i will watch this topic.
Program changes appearance of strip of task alike as if you have changed him in specificity, but it is possible to change screen of logging also and icons, program is in version demo and payable.
Yeah personally, I'm set with the default gui if changing it with a program means I'm going to lose resources. Half the shit windows and norton runs takes up so much memory as it is, I can't really afford to lose any more for different colors and icons.

This is really boring

I once installed Style XP on mycomputyer and then my computer slowed down a lot

It was really bad
But the stylr ie produced was good

I say not to use it
Style XP is alright, like it is convienient for changing everything pretty much in one place, and themes, logins, startups pretty much are all compatible with Style XP.

If you don't want to install an extra program like Style XP that takes up resources you good try to patch a file called uxtheme.dll (search on google: uxtheme.dll patcher) and this will allow you to use pretty much any theme with windows.
i wouldn't recommend you this program. i used it a long time ago, and at first i thought this was a really nice program, but then i saw my computer slowing down. i was amazed how a program could **** up your computer like that. so one advice do not use this program, looks isn't everything.
and did you u used tis program now and did it slow down your computer as much as it did mine?
I personally use Windowblinds by Stardock, and I love it. I haven't noticed it slowing down my computer a lot but my computer is only about a year old so its fairly new. I tried style xp and didn't think it compared at all to Windowblinds. The only bad thing now is there's a 90 day free trial limit after which you can't use it anymore, used to be you could use the free trial with an unlimited time limit. But I'm not ashamed to admit I used a crack to install the full version. Check out Windowblinds at
it make my computer down...and.. i dont like it
This software is great but you also spend much time when you choosing your themes.

There is one problem the software is not orking very good with boot screens - most times the pc's are freezing
i don't like stylexp . Once time themes been infected by viruses.windowblinds thats good soft now with transparency like in vista.
i just want to give my perspective... HUGE thumbs up for styleXP. Any problems with virusy themes wouldn't be styleXP's fault. Also, I dont feel like it uses ANY resources to the point of even noticing the program. I* know that back in the day, it took a lot of resources, but you dont even need it to be an active process in order to have the themes visible, only to switch between them. If you want to see some themes, go to
{name here}
I just use windows XP's default styler. I got a couple themes, including a Windows Vista-like theme from a pal of mine.
I dont think Style XP is really worth the money. It's better to buy window blinds or to use the free UXtheme.dll patcher
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