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Firefox/IE compatibility problem, need some help

I'm a Firefox user, so I hadn't noticed this until one of my friends told me that my front page was messed up. In Firefox it looks like it should, but when it's viewed in IE the sidebar (on the right) gets shoved down about 2 screen lengths. Obviously this makes the blog look a bit silly, and makes navigating the blog a bit tougher for those who still use Internet Explorer.

If anyone can think of a reason why this is happening, and is there any chance someone could tell me how to fix it, because I am at a total loss since I'm not a coding genius, I can do little bits and pieces, but this has got me stumped, since I'm sure it wasn't a problem before, as one of my housemates uses IE and never said anything, and he checks the site regularly since he writes on it.

Oh yeah, the site in question is in the signature.
Your site isnt in the signature!
usually its a problem with some CSS declaration when there are problems with cross-browser compatability.

essentially you just have to modify things and play around with the code until it works in both. i used to have a number of issues with it but now i've learned the differences between the browsers.

usually it has to do with length declaration or lack there of...

but there is no link to the site so i can not tell.
It's often easier just to use some basic html code or php code. I'd try to find good solid code which you could use on a more permanant basis for the two because apparently what your using now isn't really doing it for you OR just use the basic "if brower=" kind of command. Tutorials are found all over the internet on how to use that type of coding. Bottom Line: FIND NEW CODING! GOOD LUCK
In building websites i've found all sorts of fun things when developing in linux using Konqueror FF and the others then foregetting to test in IE. For a while I used conditional statements in Java and PHP. Keep testing it and eventually you'll have a single style sheet and HTML that will work in both. Using conitional statements, whether they be css, js or php is a risky business. and can be buggy as hell and unreliable.
I've found that placing a comment or < ? xml ? > doctype statement before the Doctype declaration makes my pages behave in IE. Using simple code with less tricks will pay n the long run. Try to stay away from too many trick.
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