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PC doesn't shut down

I have a problem with my computer shutting down. Whenever I click the shut down button, the PC just stays there and does nothing. I finally close the computer by pressing the button on the CPU. Please advice me on what to do.

I use Windows XP Home Edition and I have an AMD Sempron 3000+ PC with 512 MB RAM.

I don't think any malware has caused this problem. I have Norton Internet Security installed and it is fully up to date.
I think it's probably because of the system waiting for a program to end before it can shutdown. Try this command in the command prompt and see if it works (remember to exit any running applications).
shutdown.exe -s -f -t 0
I think 2 way cause this:
1. a halt program. When you run this program the process (program) cann't end by windows. that make windows can not shutdown.
2. The windows is have a problem, you must install windows again.
I remember having this problem a while ago. But I can remember very well now. The problem I had is the logoff/shutdown window won't come up when I click Start->turn Off Computer. I think it was some files missing but can't remember which ones. Have you tried System Restore?
I had this problem when I used alot of USB ports for my perihiphials. Try reinstalling your printer on the parallel port instead of the USB. If it doesn't shut down after that, dig out your wired mouse and keyboard and unplug your wireless equiptment from the USBs. Just do this for a test. I'm sure you dont want to go back to wired perihiphals. Then try to shut it down again. If this works going to bluetooth wireless might solve this problem. I ran my computer for two years without the windows shut down not being able to shut off or restart my computer. You just have to make sure the hard drive light completly shuts off before you reboot using the button so that it doesn't corupt your windows installation.[/quote]
Not really sure why your pc isn't wanting to shut down, but I agree it may just be a peripherals problem. Anyway, I've had this problem before, and it was caused by windows waiting for a program to close. If you want to test that, hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete and then go to your task manager (in XP) and close any programs not responding and see what happens then. Good luck! Very Happy
Have you encountered errors with your installed applications before? You might have installed a software that is causes malfunction or incompatibilites with your operating system which cause xp home to hang up whenever it is called to shutdown. The program might be in a not responding mode and the os waits for it. Check any softwares you have installed recently and uninstall it.
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