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Pentium D or AMD Athlon 64 X2???

Which Processor do you Think is Better?
Pentium D
 9%  [ 1 ]
AMD athlon 64 X2
 90%  [ 10 ]
Total Votes : 11

Hey everyone,

Well As you can see I have a question that I want everyone to participate in. I was wondering what you comments are on these 2 processor chips and what you would prefer to buy?

For those who have already tried one of these CPU's I was wondering if you guys could give me your insight into which you think might be good. Or if you could say some things about the one you tried out.

For my personal choice I would like to try out AMD athlon 64 X2, I am in a way a gamer and I believe that it is the fastest of the two. Also I want something that I can rely on, I have had Intel processors before and they are nice but I think AMD might become the new leader!!!
there was a test run i'd say about a month ago putting each of the dual core processors from each company. they ran a series of tests, some i will admit were pretty lame but no matter the tests. amd processors pretty much wiped the floor with intel. so i would go with amd....and what ever one ur thinkin of i would go the model lower cuz u can easily get the performance of the model above with some oc'ing
Boles Roor
Get an X2 4400+, suffcient cooling and a little OC will whipe the 4800+'s bum while actually paying about half less Wink
Unfortunatly, AMD has really whupped Intel in these two dual-core CPUs....
I say go with AMD, I find that their cpu's tend to run a lot better and cost a lot cheaper. I've had 2 intel's before and wasn't really satisfied, ever since every computer has been an AMD. I am absolutely pleased with the performance from each and everyone and everyone in my class also recomends AMD over Intel because of price for performance. I'm sure if you get the AMD you'll be more than happy. I currently have an AMD Athlon XP 1800+, AMD Athlon 64 3000+ (laptop), AMD Athlon 64 3500+, and an AMD Athlon 64 3700+. Obviously if they weren't good and I wasn't happy with their performance I wouldn't have been such a repeat buyer. Hope that helps Very Happy

I've always prefered AMD over Intel, their proc. are more optimised.
AMD all the way !
Pentium D. I love intel, can't go wrong with intel.
for memory intensive activities (like games) you should probably go with the AMD. AMD allows both cores to access all of the memory with their own bus. Intel makes their CPUs share a bus (although each CPu still gets full memory access) so there are collisions and latency. So, AMD can mop the floor with Intel when the app is memory intensive (RAM Rules!) Razz
First of all, AMD is better than Intel: AMDs run cooler, and use less power. Second, unless you plan on getting an FX-60, the Pentium D is dual-core and the FX-57 and lower are single core. Even though people think that single core is "better" for gaming I still reccomend you get a dual core. An AMD FX-60 is going to run you about 1000 bucks, but if you have that money to spend go for it. But if you don't have that kind of money lets look at the other options. You want an AMD dual-core, so you can get the X2 series or the Opteron. Opteron is about 20 bucks more expensive than the X2 and runs cooler, uses less power, and overclocks better than the X2. Now, all you have to do is head on over to the AMD website and look at the different Opteron models and choose the one that suits your budget. I'll be getting the AMD Opteron 180.

been mainly running AMD since the k6-2 came out..... would run an intel as a server cpu... but for my home pc, AMD has the top honors
Go check it out your self at Tomshardware interactive CPU charts just click the link below...
Firstly I have had a pentuim 3 1GHZ for years it just doesn't DIE so I have BIG faith for Pentium processors
I brought a new computer a few years back and this time I choose a Athlon 64 X2 3800 I had also the same questions as you Pentium or Althon.Athlon is better for gaming whist pentuim is a better encoder,but to be true I think they perform as best as you set them up really all depending what software your gonna be using..etc
Well, this topic is kind of outdated isn't it, especially with the Intel Core on the market...
AMD all the way. Forget about Intel... they are a thing of the past. If Intel were better then mac would have gone with AMD. lol
Talk2Tom11 wrote:
AMD all the way. Forget about Intel... they are a thing of the past. If Intel were better then mac would have gone with AMD. lol

That is so not true. Intel is WAY better than AMD since core 2 duo was released. I had, for myself, pentium D 945, but I wasn't really satisfied. It was pretty fast, something about c2d e6400, I think, but I was hot like hell! It went around 65C load!!! And nothing was wrong with cooler, I checked it several times! I have purchased not Pentium DualCore E2140 (it is same as core2duo...) and I have overclocked it from 1.6Ghz to 2.77Ghz Very Happy Insane, I tell you! It's very fast and runs cooler than Pentium D: around 38C idle and eround 56C full load! I surely recommend core 2 duo!

But I think that AMD x2 IS better than Pentium D 8xx/9xx... But Intel Core 2 duo is way better than amd x2
Arnie wrote:
Well, this topic is kind of outdated isn't it, especially with the Intel Core on the market...

In that sense, it's been outdated ever since it was created!

What surprises me is the fact that people continue insisting that "AMD is way better than Intel ... cooler, cheaper, faster etc etc".
AMD and Intel are manufacturers - not processor models.

If you talk about models, instead of manufacturers, for a moment, you'd realize that right now (and at the time this thread was created) the faster, cooler, cheaper CPU of the two is being manufactured by Intel.

AMD has no processor to match Intel's core architecture based processors - in desktop, mobile or server processor categories.
Intel already loosing it's old ground, Now it's time for AMD, as i am a sys admin, i always recommend to go for AMD

So, @ say cya to Intel

Though Pentium D is poorer than AMD, Intel's Core 2 processors seem to be leading till now, until AMD comes out with a new processor.
Definately the X2 cause of hypertransport at 1600+mhz vs the fastest 800mhz pentium d. Plus pentiums did not have an edge till the core 2 duos so amd for this question.
I don't Know AMD is faster or better than Intel, Now even price is not much difference. I have a Pentium D 3.06 Ghz processor and Its cooling system is better than AMD. My last pc was a AMD 900 Atholon I used its processor for nearly 4 years without any problem.
AMD is the way to go!
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