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Your top 10 favorite songs

Here's mine Smile

1. Indie Rock and Roll - The Killers
2. In Loving Memory - Alter Bridge
3. All the things that i've done - The Killers
4. Join me - HIM
5. Beautiful - HIM
6. Silhouettes - Smile Empty Soul
7. Immigrant Song - Led Zeppelin
8. Everything Changes - Staind
9. Cold - Static X
10. Atomic Rave - (dun knoo who's the artist)
(Song - Band)

Battle On - War of Ages
Happiness By The Kilowatt - Alexisonfire
Selkies: The Endless Obsession - Between The Buried And Me
Consumer - August Burns Red
Fade To Black - Metallica
Shallow Bay - Breaking Benjamin
Ethos - Darkest Hour
The Year Summer Ended In June - Misery Signals
Thirty Three - Smashing Pumpkins
Demonology and Heartache - Atreyu

Those are 10 songs I like, not really my top ten because there is no way I can limit my music like that. Those are some of my favorites though. I like anything rock/metal/hardcore. Cool
Moondance - Van Morison
Lonely No More - Rob Thomas
Satisfation - Benny Benassi
Uncle John - Vengaboys
Chilly Cha Cha - Fatboy Slim
Please Be Kind - Jane Monheit
Lonely - Akon
This Love - Maroon 5
Since You Been Gone - Kelly Clarkson
The King Is Coming (Live) - The Gaither Vocal Band

I can't seem to fifure out how to do actual lists in BBCode.
hehehehe....just 10? I sooo cannot fit all of them in...I'll try...

Kings of Leon - ....all of them
Smashing Pumpkins - 1979
Sublime - Santeria
The Coral - Dreaming of You
Hot Hot Heat - Middle of Nowhere
The Libertines - Horror Show
The Music - Walk It
The Strokes 12 51
Hard Fi - Stronger
Blur - Tender

that it? I can get so much more in...

sorry, had to stick a couple more in

Athlete - Beautiful
Postal Service - Natural Anthem
Muse - Blackouts and Butterflies
Razorlight - Leave Me Alone, Stumble and Fall
Coldplay - I'll See you soon, Trouble...all of them too!

too many??? i think i'll stop now...


Muse - Blackout
Modest Mouse - Paperthin walls
Motion City Soundtrack - Everything Is All Right
The Dandy Warhols - Bohemian Like You

still have more...okay i'll stop now
2... Darude - Sandstorm
3... Alice Deejay - Better Off Alone
4... ATB - Till I Come
5... Special D - Home Alone
6... Paul Van Dyk - Castles In The Sky
7... Kenkraft 400 - Zombie Nation
8... Angel City - Do they Know
9... Yomanda - Synths and Strings
10... DJ Jean - The Launch

What a dance collection Smile

I also like reggae music alot so ill give you my top 5 reggae tunes

1: CJ Lewis - Sweets For My Sweet
2: Bob Marley - No Women No Cry
3: Gregory Issacs - Night Nurse
4: Inner Circle - Baby I Love Your Way
5: UB40 - Red Red Wine
1.Grup84-lrm Hasretinle
2.Eminem-Like Toy Soldiers
3.Sagopa Kajmer
5.Kurtlar Vadisi-Elif Trks
6.elik-yle Bir Geer Zamanki
7.Eminem-When im gone
8.Linkin Park-In The End
10.Eminem-Lose Yourself
Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool
1. I believe I can fly R. Kelly
2. Funky enough The D.O.C.
3. Whoa Black Rob
4. One nation under a groove Parliament
5. Dear Mama Tupac
6. I'm Bad L.L. Cool J
7. My Melody Eric B & Rakim
8. Why Jadakiss
9. Dopeman N.W.A.
10. Big Papa Notorious B.I.G.
1.King of Pain - The Police
2.Such Great Heights - The Postal Service
2.Cooking Wine - The Alkaline Trio
2.Smoke - The Alkaline Trio
2.Fall Victim - The Alkaline Trio
2.Prevent This Tragedy - The Alkaline Trio
2.Stupid Kid - The Alkaline Trio
2.My Friend Peter - The Alkaline Trio
2.The Words "Best Friend" Become Redefined - Chiodos
2.Flying at Tree Level - Brand New
2.Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don't - Brand New
2.Every Breath You Take - The Police
2.Pennsylvania - The Bloodhound Gang
2.All Blink 182
2.Chapter Four - Avenged Sevenfold
2.Burn it Down - Avenged Sevenfold
2.Car Underwater - Armor for Sleep
2.Stay on the Ground - Armor for Sleep
3.London Beckoned Songs About Money Written By Machines - Panic! At the Disco
4.Time to Dance - Panic! At the Disco
5.There's a Good Reason These Tables are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven't Thougt of It Yet - Panic! At the Disco
6.Wow, I Can Be Sexual Too - Say Anything
7.Just a Taste - Scary Kids Scaring Kids
8.Let it Enfold You - Senses Fail
9.What's The Difference - Dr. Dre
10.I Choose - The Offspring

I had 17 number 2's and I still have so many more.....damn.
1, Easier To Run - Linkin Park
2, In the End - Linkin Park
3, Ghost Love Score - Nightwish
4, My Heart Belongs To You - Hayley Westenra
5, Jillian - Within temptation
6, Somewhere I Belong - Linkin Park
7, Bring Me To Life - Evanescence
8, Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson
9, Unforgivable Sinner - Lene Marlin
10, Remember The Name - Fort Minor
1) JC ft Young Rell - Go
2) Lil Eddie - Cameo
3) Donny Green - This Love
4) 214 - My Lovin
5) Chanelle - We keep it hot
6) Giorgio - Haters
7) I-15 - Busted
Cool Kyim - Dance with me
9) KD ft. Juvenile - We Gon Rock it
10) Lee J - Our Lil Secret
wayyy to many songs.

Iron Maiden, Arcturus, Opeth, Metallica(old songs), Amorphis, Kamelot, Adagio, Nocturnal Rites, Sonata Arctica, Haggard, even Led Zeppelin and The Scorpions... and many more.

Can't put their songs in a 1-10 order, just can't!
Good day to my fellow posters,hehehe here is my list of my
top 10 favorite songs:
1. you and me - lifehouse Very Happy
2. everything - lifehouse
3. come back down - lifehouse
4. here is gone - goo goo dolls
5 don't wanna miss a thing - aerosmith
6. sick cycle carousel - lifehouse
7. wisemen - james blunt
8. the scientist - coldplay
9. she will be loved - maroon5
10. breathing - lifehouse
I live in Taiwan,so my top 10 songs were written in Chinese.
Here's my top 10:
6.S.H.E-Super Star

In fact,I'm a fan of S.H.E.
1. My Love - Westlife
2. May Be Tomorrow - Westlife
3. A man without love - Patrizio
4. Join me - HIM
5. I believe I can fly - R Kelly
6. Silhouettes - Smile Empty Soul
7. the scientist - coldplay
8. Everything Changes - Staind
9. Cold - Static X
10. JC ft Young Rell - Go

I didn't think the Sticky was difficult to see.

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