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The diary of a young girl ANNE FRANK

This is a good book to read..
The movie, I think, is better. It gives you a more in-depth look at what really happened with Anne Frank and it is based on her diary. The book, however, is obviously very detailed since it is her printed diary. However, I am more of a visual type of person, often not doing much reading in my spare time.
the movie was made by the book... well it depends of your imagination... maybe you like the movie better because you couldn't imagine what really happened when you read the book... anyways... the book and the movie gives you a better impresion of the story...
I haven't read the book yet (but I plan to do so in the future)
during schooltime I went to a kind of musuem about the book and the pictures and book extracts there have really fascinated me (though I did know most of the stuff already since I'm from Germany)
Miss Saigon
Are you guys talking about the early movie based only on the diary, or 'Anne Frank: The Whole Story' based on the biography by Melissa Muller?
I hate that book... I think it's just boring...
The whole world says how great that book is etc etc.
Lots of lessons were about that book and that girl, and because of that, it started to irritate me.

Indeed, the worth of it is priceless, but I just don't like it to read..
and ofcourse.. a diary isn't to be read by others.
I loved the Diary of Anne Frank. I thought it brought the world of Nazi Occupied Germany to a startling light. To see life through the eyes of a young girl is truly remarkable. I think it begs to ask us how we would respond to something as devestating as that. And it also shows just how full of hope a girl can be when her life is being ruined around her.

I have never seen the movie, although if you'd like a movie with a similar theme, I would suggest "Life is Beautiful". I have a personal preference to the subtitled version, but that's only because I think you recieve more of the emotions from the actors and also because subtitles really don't bother me.
I really do like that book. I don't remember seeing the movie though...
i read her full diary (well all of it that wasn't removed by her father)

I felt that it was quite interesting and msot people who haven't read it shoudl because it may not be one of the best peices of literature it is important for people to know what life was like while in hiding during the Holocaust
I remember when I read this the school I went to required us to have an "extended reading time" book and I had forgotten mine at home, so I just grabbed the first book from the class bookshelf and I picked Diary of Anne Frank. Surprisingly it was good, it was kind of depressing because she dies in the end, but it was interesting to see how dramitcally her life was changed and considering all she went through she handled it pretty well.
nealio1000 wrote:
i read her full diary (well all of it that wasn't removed by her father)

There is a critical English edition that has both versions printed - one on top of the page, and the other on the bottom.
I am currently reading the definitive edition, that includes the parts her father removed. IT reminds you how she wasn't foremost a symbol of human resilience, but a teenage girl. It's heartbreaking to remember that she was just about my age and shared my concerns as well while living in Nazi-occupied POland. Sad
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