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The Butterfly Effect

i've watched alot of movie since this old 1 came out , but it is the one i remeber the might be because it ws kind of confusing, but it made since to me...i dunno.but it was tite**
Very Happy

I see the movie... I Like So Much!!!!!!!!

"Very crazy" =)
Really good one, but has some mistakes - example (SPOILER!)- While main character is in prison and whats to make a "God sign" on his hands for his cell partner - if he would go back to the past and made a hand injuries, the scars where able to seen from then, that would again change future and the cell partner should seen it from begining and that shouldn't make impresion on him ( for him the scars wouldn't appear from nowhere, they would be there always). I hope You understood me - my english has limits ;]
It was a clever movie in many ways, even though I don't like Mr Kutcher!
[quote="svhkid"]i've watched alot of movie since this old 1 came out , but it is the one i remeber the might be because it ws kind of confusing, but it made since to me...i dunno.but it was tite**[/quote]
I saw it the day it came out... it was pretty good. Better than many other movies.
it was a very clever movie... i think a different actor might have made it a better movie
i also like the movie, becouse it is related to the Chaos Theory, the butterfly effect in some way its kind of inspired by that...
I think it's great movie. First, it rests on a scientific theory, the butterfly effect, that speaks about how the little facts can do in a lot of years in the fiture, like the butterfly flying in creating an hurricane .

So the movie isn't about the insects (and lephidoteres), shows how a little change in the life of a person can make a big changes in the future.
It's the same in the real world. We don't know how the choosings we do affect our future.
It was pretty decent if you like the Time Paradox thing.

I mean, it is a pretty old subject if you think about it. Think of any time travel/dimension travel movie where you can't touch anything there or you will alter history.

Thusly termed "The Butterfly Effect" by Chaos Theorists for, if I am not mistake, 15 or 20 years at least.

I thought it was pretty decent all in all though.
It was an ok movie, I didnt regret renting it. Im not an Ashton Kutcher fan, but he did alright in this. It could of been a tigher movie if the writer hadn't of gotten lazy.


Once you realized that the father also had the ability, you wonder if the other siblings would of too. And just how many times this scenario played out over and over again.
The Butterfly Effect was savaged by critics. Although none have really disparaged the dramatic acting chops of slapstick actor Ashton Kutcher (probably because he does do a pretty good job), the script has been thoroughly lambasted by many. I've even read accounts of the audience at the Sundance Film Festival, where the movie was premiered, laughing in places not meant to be funny.

The Butterfly Effect refers to a simplistic explanation of chaos theory. The idea is that something so miniscule as the tiny puff of breeze generated by a butterfly's wings flapping could result, though a chain of escalating events that can be traced back to the butterfly, in a hurricane on the other side of the planet. In the movie, it means that changing just one thing in the past changes everything - and everybody - into the future, and not necessarily for the better.

I'll tell you right now that certain scenes raised my pulse rate, a couple of scenes almost made me turn away from the screen in horror, and I'm still thinking about the movie 24 hours after I saw it. That may not turn some critics on, but those things are certainly the hallmark of a good science fiction flick to me.
Great movie, i loved it, and i think Kutcher did a pretty good job with it...
You know what, there are two versions of that movie. One is director's cut and the other for theater use, which one is the version you watched?
That movie was very complicated especially at the age i watched it lol. There were so many flashbacks/forwards it was like watching an episode of family guy.
i loved that movie and i heard they are making a second one but tthat could just be a hoax; you know all the rumors that go around and if it is spread online a lot of people could change the story easily. this movie was very scary and it was somewhat like final fantasy and it would stink to have the butterfly effect and change everything and knowing it may turn it worse
Tey made a sequel to that movie already. Although not as successful as the first one, the 2nd movie seems to be lacking in start power and the story is pretty much the same , guy goes back in time to change his life for the better. Same old same old.
The movie was great. All the events were connected. The movie was full of suspense till the end.
Very interesting theme and story.
Do you know that a sequel to movie called The Butterfly Effect 2 was released about an year ago?
I have seen both but I really enjoyed the first one. It is one of my favourite movies.
I really liked it, and the idea that trying to change things, without knowing the influence, will cause results totally opposed to the ones you want.

I really want the idea, that every single decission we make, drives us to totally diferent lives. That's the magic and the danger of free will.
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