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Top 5 Movies of All time

From imdb

Rank Rating Title Votes
1. 9.1 The Godfather (1972) 150,805
2. 9.0 The Shawshank Redemption (1994) 182,338
3. 8.9 The Godfather: Part II (1974) 86,348
4. 8.9 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003) 136,070
5. 8.8 Shichinin no samurai (1954) 40,102
lol this topic should be deleted, look at the Spamage on that!
how is it spam? its just the top 5 movies of all time according to imdb. i just want to hear peoples opinions comparing to it.
The horror of being locked away when you are innocent is a haunting prospect. Andy (Tim Robbins) is accused of murder and definitely seems out of place in prison. His calm, gentle spirit seems to keep him from going insane. Once he meets Red (Morgan Freeman) he finds a life-long friend.
The story is narrated by Morgan Freeman and gives the film a nostalgic feel. His voice is truly calming and beautiful. Red tells the story of how he meets Andy and how the friendship survives the injustices of life. I have never thought of this movie as "too long." I love this movie as it is really one man's journey to freedom. Those who take the journey with Andy will be rewarded at the end.

Hope was not enough for Andy. His determination to escape makes him take his fate into his own hands. You will be amazed at what someone will endure to keep hope alive and survive! Andy's body is in prison, but his soul remains free. He finds ways to enrich the lives of his fellow inmates by helping them to collect books for a library. He is cunning, wise and knows he is innocent. Therefore, we feel he is justified in what he chooses to do. Get ready for an uplifting movie which takes hold of your heart and sends a powerful message of hope and determination. The human spirit is alive and overcomes all evil.

The art of living is always to make a good thing out of a bad thing. -E. F. Schumacher (1911-1977)
There really isn't much in this topic. It really is more of a question where everyone has there own answer. So probably it would seem better to lock this one. Any Moderators here??
1.Speed(seldom does a movie succeed in packing so much action yet remain authentic enough to watch),

2.The Jurassic Park (Tremendous story(Crichton magic,yeah!),and pathbreaking visual effects)

3.Gladiator (powerful, moving story. Russel Crowe sets this movie apart from others of the same genre.Has superb action sequences that really places you right inside the colosseum!)

4.Titanic (Very close to 'filming perfection' It uses nearly every special effect trick in the book, yet you hardly notice it. Well researched and brilliantly made)

pegasus sword
i think that the top 5 films for me are :
1/Matrix 1
2/spiderman 2
3/the lord of the rings 3
4/Mission Impossible 2
5/The Fast and The Furious 2
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