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Guild Wars

I am a fanatic Guild Wars player if anyone here plays Guild Wars you can surely give me a whisp in the game my character names are [Geee Sus he is a monk][Nightmare Timonator he is an elementalist][Suspicious Shadow she is a warrior] Then i also play alot of PvP at the moment. I am in a guild called PUGS we consist of professional GuildWars pvp people we are almost top 100 of the world. Guild wars is played by over 1 000 000 people. Last weekend you could play a first free preview of Guild Wars Factions the addon for Guild Wars. Its not really an addon but more likely a stand alone game but you can combine both together. For more info on Guild wars you can also check the official guild wars site
I recently had a trial run with Guild Wars in it PVP Weekend. It was quite good but im not going to buy GW because a new one is coming out in spring.
The one that is coming in spring is called Guild Wars: Factions its a fully new game with a new story line and new weapons but if you have the normal Guild Wars you have the normal skills and normal guild wars weapons and you can use them both you can travel between the two lands and combine everything of both games.
I just wanted to say that guild wars is a great game, and I might just end up playing with you. (I also play as a monk) anyways something that I would like to say to those who dont know much about guild wars:

This game is good for those who dont have as great of a computer. This is because when you are wondering about int he world the only people that you will find are those who are allready in your party. (You meet new people in towns and cities.) So your computer doesnt have to work so hard to load everything.

Also its great because it updates as you play so there are no server set down times. and there is no online free.

Great game, you should check it out.
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