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What makes you wanna buy a rockstars album?

Do you buy a cd even after you have downloaded the songs?
Yes I do
 63%  [ 7 ]
No I don't
 36%  [ 4 ]
Total Votes : 11

Cover Art?
Music Inside?
The hype?
The album before?
You downloaded the songs and wanted to give the artist money?
You couldnt download the songs cause they filled limewire with pretend versions?

There are of course many reasons we all buy cd's, and obviously it still happens, because the music industry is still liquid.

But I really want to know what makes you buy a particular bands cds?

Let me know. This is a great excuse to post Smile

Very Happy
some of the reasons that influence my buying:

1. i'm a fan of a band... meaning i've listened through to 2-3 of their albums, and it's more than just an audio dessert than it is a diet.

2. good recommendation by friends or 'sources' that i deem to be on the same audio palate as me...

3. cover art... by my favorite artists/designer (this also means i somehow have lot of extra cash to burn hehe)
I will buy a CD for the following reasons:

1) Been following the band for a long time. Pearl Jam is an example of this for me, I have every album of theirs on CD.

2) The music is just so good, that I felt that I had to buy it even though I have the MP3's. Tool music is an example of this for me.

3) They are a christian band. Simply put, I dont feel right about downloading christian music. Shocked I know, I know, its hypocrisy if I download any other music.
1- If the group is obscure and I can't get it any other way (eg: Company Flow, Deltron 3030...)

2- If I want to supprt the group because I want them to keep making music (eg Company Flow, Deltron 3030...)
I usually download most of the albums songs if i like them, I go out and buy the CD me as a guitarist I know its hard to come up with new stuff
and they deserve the money
there have been a few albums i have downloaded all the songs from and thought it wasn't good and deleted it and didn't use it at all but thats just me
I also like to have the booklet that is in the case
Music inside. I don't really care about the fancy artwork, design or whatever. I just buy it for what it is: music.
Really only the music inside.
Of most groups I like, I don't even know the leadsingers name Smile
If there's a hype it makes me less likely to buy the album, though
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