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Does smoking weed effect ambition?

Do you think that smoking weed can effect your ambition? I know a some people are able to smoke pounds of weed and still remain active. I read this one book about a pot smoker who also wrote dictionarys. I think that if you smoke weed then in some marginal way you may be effecting your overall capabilities and ambitions.
it depends
It's different for different people with different biology. I don't think it's fair to say it will always have this effect, or that it will never have this effect.
yes, some people seem to be able to focus on one thing when they're high... others well...not so much. Laughing
Smoking weed messed with a lot more than just your ambition.
It is definitely going to affect your ambition, whether for good or for bad is another story. It depends what your ambitions are, I mean it's definitely going to help if your goals in life are to get really chilled out and eat loads of food and laugh about trivial things... Wink

But a lot of people say they do find inspiration with it, and it helps them focus on their work. And that may well be true, although as long as it was used in moderation.
nope, it wont but it will definitely affect your health. you might want to consider it.
i think it just depends on the person and the type of drive they have. if you are a naturally driven person, than weed probably won't slow you down that much. in college i had a friend who would literally reach for the bong before he got out of bed in the morning, and and was still able to get his stuff done. Then there were others who would get stoned and turn into a vegatable for a couple of hours.

So, like others have said, it depends. as for moderate usage, from what i have come across, it's either you smoke all the time, or once in a long while. i guess it depends what you mean by moderate!!
Ambition is a dark angel
S3nd K3ys
I just burned a big 'ol fatty-boom-batty-blunt myself and I haven't lost any ambition. In fact, I feel more productive now than I.....

S3nd K3ys wrote:
I just burned a big 'ol fatty-boom-batty-blunt myself and I haven't lost any ambition. In fact, I feel more productive now than I.....


Pablo Diablo
I agree with what this guy said:

"It's different for different people with different biology. I don't think it's fair to say it will always have this effect, or that it will never have this effect."

I myself, when I even smoke a little bit, end up acting retarded and look like I am I don't lose ambition but it's hard to focus on most things. The only thing that getting high enhances for me is music (obviously) and curiously enough, reading novels. when u r high it is so easy to enviion what is happening in the story. It's so vivid and real and exciting.
it kills your ambition the same way any other addiction does. your ambition turns to wanting marijuana and thinking about marijuana. Some people are more or less affected by this because some people are more willful and less likely to become addicted to things.
I know people who smokes MJ and work as well and seems to have ambition and Iknow people who smokes MJ and dont move a bone to do nothing. It is relative from person to person.
Some people seem to have no idea. Lots of ignorance to put it bluntly (no pun intended). Smoking bud doesn't change who you are. You are who you are, if a lazy unmotivated person starts smoking weed they're most likely still going to be lazy and unmotivated, then again it could also change their perspective on life. Marijuana is not bad, its not something I openly encourage, but its done a lot of good for some people, and hasn't hurt anyone.
It certainly AFFECTS your spelling.
S3nd K3ys summed it up nicely. Marijuana has a narcoleptic effect and no-one can be very ambitious when they're asleep Laughing

Really, it depends on what type of weed you smoke and how much. A couple of spliffs a day of normal strength weed won't have an adverse effect. But smoking superskunk all day long would be a different matter.

I'm very wary of government statistics about smoking weed & its long-term effects. I studied drug & alcohol dependence/addiction for my PhD and I found very little conclusive evidence for smoking weed having caused mental health problems. Almost without exception, the subjects I investigated, whose psychological history was traceable, had problems before they started smoking weed; they nearly all displayed a psychological frailty that pre-disposed them to neuroses.

Admittedly, "normal" people don't often have psychological testing done on them. I therefore pioneered a method of "reverse engineering" psychological tests that enabled me to approximate the previous state of mental health of the subjects. Tying that in with school reports etc gave a very good indication of the subjects' past behavioural traits & mental state.

My conclusion was that smoking weed can exacerbate mental health problems but most probably does not cause them except in a minority of cases.

To return to the question, though - lethargy is common among medium to heavy users. A small quantity of marijuana can act as a stimulant, but taking more has the opposite effect (alcohol is the same). Anyone who has smoked weed will be aware of that. Lethargy & ambition do not mix well.
Apparently you people have never hung out in the Relationships forum.
If you are a chronic smoker, then it can have very serious effects - psychosis is but one example... and who cares about ambition? discipline and love are what matter!!! F da rest yo!
yes, yes it does. LOL
I had none before... got none now.
Well, thought doubtless weed affects your body, ambition really depends on the person itself, doesn't it? It's the same as, hypothetically let's say, somebody blaming their bad traits on surroundings, etc. The idea here is this: while "other things" do affect people (surroundings, other people, weed, whatever), it still kinda depends on the person him/herself. An ambitious person on weed regardless will still naturally be more ambitious than someone who doesn't touch drugs, but wasn't ambitious at all to begin with. Unless, of course, they smoke so much weed all the time that their brain hardly functions...
from my personal expeience it depends on what im doing n my method of smoking the herb, for instence, today i smokin some hippy crack from my pipe, now im makin some beats and im fine, but if i waas to say...walk my dog? couldnt do it lol
i have a question too what if one does not have any ambition?
but i have established from my extensive observation that eventually you will lose your mind if you start to take it regularly.I have seen a lot of regulars talking nonsensical in there native gibberish.

do i smell pot here???????
I do not know personally... But I can make my guess. IF i had to guess, I would suspect that weed does affect (effect??) ambition.. It just seems to be depresant?
All things in moderation, I think. When I used to smoke weed it always helped me become more focused and it would help me look at things from a different point of view and think of things I never would otherwise, etc. but I think it totally depends on the person. Also, I smoked weed very rarely.
jsarnold wrote:
It certainly AFFECTS your spelling.

Maybe. Although I'm not sure if it has that big of an effect on "effect" and "affect" because those are two of the most common typos/errors in the English language. It's just like "then" and "than"... you either know the difference or you do not know the difference.

The same could also be said with many other examples like:

All of those annoy me!
Smoking weed only inspires your ambition. It makes you ambitious about chips, cheetos and soda. And let us not forget White Castle.

"Harold: I want 30 sliders, 5 french fries, and 4 large cherry cokes.
Kumar: I want the same except make mine diet cokes."

Harold and Kumar go to White Castle
as someone said, it depends
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