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Avoid click here hyperlink in designing a site

Hello guys, I know some of us are making 'click here' hyperlinks to give the surfer suspense and it urges him/her to click, but here are some things you should know.

"Click here" is a phrase that often appears as the link text of a hyperlink, or in an image used as a hyperlink, on a web page.

Many web publishers simply use the instinctive Click here link text to direct visitors to either another part of their site, or somewhere else on the Web. It is the equivalent to tick here or check here on a paper form. As such, this has led to the phrase being probably the most popular link text on the World Wide Web, besides the generic term homepage.

This practice, regarded by many as the practice of untrained web designers, has received much criticism from web design authorities. These criticisms are mostly built on the reasons of accessibility, non-informative, non-printability, redundancy and search indexing.

Visitors using screen readers (like JAWS or Window Eyes) can make their reader read out just the hyperlinks on the page, including the option of tab scanning from link to link. Links labeled "click here" are not self-explanatory and are difficult to use.

People generally don't read online, they scan. Using meaningful link text, rather than "click here", makes it easy for users to quickly see links on pages that might be of interest. It is common for web links to stand out against the text when pages are viewed in a web browser. These links that stand out, however, would not offer information regarding where the link leads to. It is generally more user-friendly for the stand-out text to directly contain the information regarding the link. For this reason, the World Wide Web Consortium, through its Quality Tips for Webmasters, advises web designers to avoid using "click here" as link text.

What do you think of putting click here hyperlinks on you site?

<Edit: Please quote all copied text next time!!!>
Nikkori, you can add this; most all of the major search engines use not only meta descriptions, title, and body text to create a combined word relavance, but they also include words in hyperlinks for overall indexing and page ranking. Using "click here" to identify links will only hurt the indexing of web pages. Using a descriptive link text will better serve search engines in their determination of word strength
Thank you pakialamaers. You have a point, though. Me I'm just putting descriptive hyperlinks rather than click here hyperlinks. I mean I'm putting the name of the link that corresponds to its location in order for the surfer to know where would the link would direct him.
hey thanx buddy. i never knew about this earlier....

though i haven't put any "click here" on my page, ( i guess i did but not much) i have put loads of them in my other site designs... lol

thanx for the gr8 little info.
Thanks this tid bit of information is very usefull. I dont belive ive ever used the text link click here, but now I never will.
yes, "click heres" are terrible....its kinda like AIM when people do that to you so you click it and go to a stupid page with a bunch of alerts or somthing gay like that....
I don't get this at all. Click here in what context? None is specified. Thus the only thing that comes to mind for me is: what are you talking about, inexperienced webmasters? You must be a damn inexperienced visitor if you see the click here and don't read two, three words forward / backward to see what it's for.
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