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Hi, I have an idea which I think is pretty good, though I don't have the time to do it, neither the money...
So I give the ideas to you, if you want to explore them.
Please add your own ideas that you could share.

1. A site that lists songs that are in movies/commercials, I'm pretty addicted to commercialsongs, because those are teh best Razz

2. A lost and found site, probably just for your native country, find a thing on the street. Report it on the site, and the owner of the thing could search it up there and contact the finder. A hard idea, but with lot's of media it could work Razz

And another idea I had, but I forgot it right now... I'll post it later if I remember it.

Please add your own ideas!
Your first idea already exists:

Your second suggestion probably wouldn't pan out as a very useful tool. How many things do people lose that could be picked up and reported to a website (seeing as most places would probably have a lost and found already). I think this idea would be better suited to an interesting site/section of a site which allows people to send in pictures and or descriptions of things they've found on the street, or wherever. That might actually be somewhat interesting to see.
Hi Omax

First it is a good intention of you to have started such a section. Well, as dkbg has stated it cannot be of much utility to have a lost and found website. Rather they are already being used in small communities like for school websites, office sites etc for the staffs.

One point I have is, not everybody would like to share it. If you have an idea which you think can get off big, try using the services of, which though you lose money would make you earn it back when the site is on. Also, try venture incubator sites that provide people with capital to start their ventures.
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