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Four Brothers

Has anyone seen John Singleton's movie "Four Brothers" with Mark Wahlberg? I just saw it and wanted to get other's opinion. My first reaction was that I'm glad I waited for the DVD instead of paying full movie price!
This has 2 be the most WACKEST MOVIE of 2005/2006 for sure............
Everybody played very bad in the movie...... plain wack dont buy it or rent that shit cause its shit
Believe it or not, this movie is actually a remake of the 1965 Western "The Sons of Katie Elder" with John Wayne & Dean Martin.
I was all set for a good action flick, but Thug is right, there was some horrible acting! Now I'm trying to decide which remake was worse "Four Brothers" or "The Dukes of Hazzard"!
i actually did like it, it was very cool, not intense but cool flick. i waited for it and i was happy with the results.
So you didn't think there was poor acting in the movie? Eh?
indeedwrestling wrote:
Believe it or not, this movie is actually a remake of the 1965 Western "The Sons of Katie Elder" with John Wayne & Dean Martin.

Did you actually see The John Wayne movie and if so, how did it compare to "Four Brothers"
I'm actually shocked that the opinions on this movie are so negative. I absolutely loved the movie. Now, I do agree that it wasn't the best acting, but it wasn't the worst either. Comparing it to Dukes of Hazard seems very out of context to me because "Four Brothers" was obviously much better. Also, "Four Brothers" generates an extremely different setting and style. As far as I'm concerned, there is no comparison. I think that the movie was more of a drama than an action. If you think about it really, there was more drama than anything. It was extremely emotional. (I'm not saying that it was emotional for the audiance, but the movie itself was.) However, that's my opinion.
I got what I wanted out of the movie, an hour and a half of no thinking. Parts of it were very far fetched but thats just to be expected out of Hollywood films these days.
Ivanhoe, when you said "an hour and a half of no thinking", were you talking about THIS movie? I'm just making sure because the whole movie was full of twists and turns of who was behind the murder.... and you cant say you already knew who the murderer was because his character wasnt fully introduced until the end of the movie. And what parts were farfetched?? If someone killed my mother, I'd probably take the measures they took to find out who did it and get back at them for it.
the four brothers was a gangsta movie it was sick with bullets flying everywhere and people getting shot and i hope they make another movie like it but with mabye a bit more action and a bit longer but other than that it was a sick movie.
Ammara wrote:
So you didn't think there was poor acting in the movie? Eh?

Not really, i happen to think that Mark Wallberg is a good actor. I mean i was too into the story to pay attention to the acting.. Now aday people watch movies to 'hate' on them not to enjoy them. I mean is not like we all work for the new york times and send in our review for flicks. Just enjoy them, then talk about them.
Just me
I thought that Four Brothers was really entertaining. I do not think that Marky Mark is a good actor, however i thought that Andre Benjamins acting was pretty good. I don't expect any Academy Awards, but I thought he did a good job. I have and will keep on reccomending this movie to others.
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