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Login Script

Loathing in Fear
Is there any way to make a login script, on my website, where you can register and login, if you register or login, you also get registered and logged in at the forums...? SmileRolling Eyes


Loathing Wink
yes, it's possible. you make your own registration page but you use your forums database for storing the data.

try the tutorials forum. You might want to look up there a bit.
Loathing in Fear
k, thx for your help Smile

Loathing Wink
its easiest in a php portal...everything is connected and all the info is pulled from another part of the site (usually forum)

i just did my login script from the phpbb plus...hehe...
Loathing in Fear
but i don't want to use a portal Very Happy portals are strange... Confused
I looked on google, and in the toturial forum, but all i could find was one that
had a strange way to connect to the database...Sad

Loathing Wink
What forum system are you using? phpBB? SMF? myBB? Something else?
If you tell us what you're using, we'll be able to help you.

Basically, the 'Registration' link on your site will link to the forum registration page. When someone logs in, it gets the data from the users table in the forum's database.
Loathing in Fear
I use phpBB. Wink
But i want a registration page on my website, AND on my forums.
There should also be a login page on both of them, if the user is logged in on my site, he should also be logged in, when he goes to the forums.
I also want to add some members pages...Smile

Loathing Wink
have you tried
Has a lot of scripts.

sort the page by hits and descending
Here you go, just what you want: . It's a phpBB Authentication script. I haven't tried it, but it should be OK.
Loathing in Fear
Yeah, it's the thing what i was looking for Wink thx!!

EDIT: now theres just one problem..., i can't figure out how to install it,
where to upload the files and stuff like that...

Loathing Wink
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