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i have finished GTA: SA !!!!

yees, finally i finished GTA San Andreas

the finall mission was great!!!! i love this game!!

i dont use any cheat and thats why i am happy

i am waiting for next GTA and then i will finish him too
Fine for you! I never really started to play GTA: San Andreas (only had some fun riding on the bike trying to make tricks and getting better in cycling).
I remember when i finished that game, that last mission took me friggin hours to complete lol. But when u have finished the game it aint as dope anymore i think. U can drive around jus for fun but it aint no missions nomore...... I only play San Andreas online these days thats pretty cool but other then that no...

When I finished this game, I hadn't 100%, so I started to look for tags, etc... It really took my time, and I found just two or three of them... So I went to GameFaqs and used the guide there... Cool
I think the last Mission is/was to easy or not?
At thirst time i tried i finished it...
The hole game was very easy...

Sorry for that English.. Laughing
You finished it? Nice job man. I didn't finish it yet because I used too many cheats and if you use too many theres a certain mission that it won't let you pass. So I had to start all over and now I'm not going to use the cheats as much so I can actually get to the end and see how the rest of the missions are.
Hmm.. what mission was that? I've used some cheats because my computer can't really run GTA:SA well so I just wanted to breeze by and get the storyline. But if there's going to be a certain point where you can't go any further then maybe I'm wasting my time...
[quote="Insanity"]Hmm.. what mission was that? I've used some cheats because my computer can't really run GTA:SA well so I just wanted to breeze by and get the storyline. But if there's going to be a certain point where you can't go any further then maybe I'm wasting my time...[/quote]

The Mission with the SWAT-Tank where you went into Big Smoke's Crack-House...
Lol im a long way off finishing the game lol! Im still in Sanfierro! I Have to complete Zeros last mission and this other guy by the docks lol, glad i haventused cheats lol but ive figured out a lot of glitches. Any one heard about the one where you can get to liberty city? or gym heaven?
Something I like about GTA is that even once you have finished the main quest, it is still a fun little sandbox to play in.
I wish that their were still missions onece the storyline is finished, like in Daggerfall for the PC. I like games where there can still be a sense of purpose once the game is already done.
I love all GTA games i mean like the 3D gta games after you play the main missions there are tons of site mission and even if you completed them there are tons of things to do. If you get bored by that search the internet for mods there are tons of cool mods cars buildings. I even started creating my own mods in GTA its really cool you have unlimited possibilities off course im not that good in programming in gta and i get lots of pre made script and codes from other people but combining them gives cool results. I knew how to create spawn points for cars and weapons but i probably forgot that.
behhhhhh, i could hardly finish vice city without cheating...I just play GTA games to hit people Smile like most people I know... And the tank in vice city is awesome Smile
How long did you take to finish GTA:SA? It was too easy for me. I finished it in 4 weeks. It's a great game, but when you're done with the missions in San Fiero, you don't have to come back in that city anymore. And the graphics weren't much better than GTA:VC. I'm still a huge fan of GTA. The new features in GTA:SA were awesome. Gang fights, more ways to earn money, eating, going to the gym, it was all great.
Got the game when it came out like all the GTA's... took about 4/5 months to complete (100% progress) with no cheats. Very fun game but myself and friends agree it's lost the GTA feel for some reason.
Oo....i still haven't finished playing it. 4 weeks can finish it? Shocked I was shock. You must be playing 24 hours a is really a nice game. Smile
i have finished in 3 days Very Happy
lol yea its a great game Very Happy ive finished it in like around 4 weeks Confused
I never finished it yet because my game scratched up before I got to finish it. My cousins and homebois just put it on top of the tv when they done with it. I got like to the secound to the lst mission I think. Is the middle when you have to get the police bikes close to the last mission?
Congratulations..! I haven't finished yet.
Im about to finish it. Im on the last island, shoreside valley but my computer's mother board crashed! man, it was so frustrating. now that you mention it, i miss my computer. Crying or Very sad
Sigh... I finished the whole game and every mission (except for them damn flying school missions) was super fun. However, once I finished the last mission, I was so happy and then, I realized that I would never see Sweet, Woozie, Kendl, Cesar, The Truth, Zero, Toreno and all those guys no more. I missed them a lot. I wanted to do more missions for them. There is seriously nothing to do. I've captured all gang territory, sprayed over all the tags, got 100% progress with all girlfriends, and got all my skills to 100%. I feel so lonely and I don't want to start the game over again. Is there anyway I can meet Sweet and the guys again?
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