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All for XP (My Site)

However after much efforts at last I succeded. Here is a link to My website

"" is a website made solely for the users of "Windows XP" and "Windows Server 2003". It offers you all you need to take you "Windows XP" and "Windows Server 2003" to the 3rd, in fact 4th, generation. The site offers things that no other website offers. An example is "Flash Wallpapers" which are no ordinary still wallpapers but amazing all fancy wallpapers which can't be compared to any other type.

Visual Styles, Logons, Boot Screens and Explorer Bars are some of the cool appearance modifiers for "Windows XP" and Windows Server 2003" that this website offers. These modifiers completely change the appearance of your "Windows XP" or "Windows Server 2003" so much so that the ones who don't know about these modifiers can't say that you are using "Windows XP" or "Windows Server 2003". Icons, ScreenSavers and Cursors are also available.

This website also has a large database of over 87, 000 Serials (Keys). Well, more over the site also offers Emulators with the help of which you can play console (PS2, X-Box etc) games on your computer. Further more that site also offers g-mail accounts, a few songs which are all worth a listen, the most demanded softwares and of course some cool links.

For questions, comments and suggestions contact us at "".

<FONT color="Blue">"Immortal Corporation" and "allForXP" are owned only by Hammad Malik and are his property. The site was also designed and scripted solely by Hammad Malik when he was 15. Copyrights @ Immortal Corporation 2000-2006. All rights reserved.</Font>

it looks good. but deym it's slow! my browser lags when i navigate your site. well, i give it 7/10.

btw, flash eats a lot of memories if you put a lot of pictures files on it. It's not recommended to put raster images on flash.

Before I visited your page, my computer is at 17,000+K memory usage with 01-06 CPU usage. When I visited your page, 41,700+K memory usage with 85-92 CPU usage.

I'm on Athlon XP 1.6ghz with 256 DRAM.

So as much as possible, lessen flash stuff on your page.
Wayy too slow, most probably all that flash, it lagged for me and i have a 2meg connection + one of the best computers out at the mo, but apart from the slow ness its good, i think you overdone it with the flash tahts all.
The front end of the side is not very attractvie. Hope you will try to improve it. I think graphics part is not really attractive and the bg color.
I checked out some sections and what the heck, you lauched your site with sections under construction??
YOu have navigation links with nothing inside?? So bad.
OVER ALL impression of the site is not very good.
like some of the mods in there. its pretty cluttered, though. slow. and some text overlapps.
Slow, also I didn't like color gamma. Maybe you must work little more in photoshop to create better arrows or something?
My opinion...
it's not smooth to move the scroll bar
and the menu bar can be more clear
but overall a good site
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