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How to make a direct connection using Bit Torrent?

Da Rossa
I'd like to receive a file directly from a friend, a big file, and it must be through BT. How to make a 2-peer, trackerless connection?
MSN/Skype is not the point. It must be BT because while I wouldn't be able to halt the download via Msn/skype, this is to gather evidence that my ISP is throotling my internet conection.

I'm not sure if this is possible. Im pretty sure that you need a tracker to share a bittorrent file. I guess what you could do is just upload it to a tracker, ahev your friend download it, then don't seed it. Good luck.
Not tracker-less but Bitcomet
has personal tracker software so that you don't have to upload to a public tracker.

Just make a torrent and add to your own tracker.
E-mail the torrent to your friend and then he can connect.
Yup maybe you can use Azureus too. it' suse java Smile

You can make the torrent ~ without put the file into public tracker and made your PC itself as the tracker (In Zureus ther is a feature to publish a file and make it's torrent file)

Oh yeah, you can download azureus in [url][/url] make it sure you have the Java installed - or you can download there too.
Da Rossa
Thanks for the tips, I'll try doing this. Thanks again Very Happy
this is to gather evidence that my ISP is throotling my internet conection.

You mean you think that your ISP is throttling BitTorrent on your connection? If so, just try downloading a Linux torrent (like Ubuntu or Debian). Those torrents usually have 1000's of people seeding them.

Downloading a torrent with only 1 seed will give you horrible speeds!

EDIT: Here you go, a Ubuntu Linux torrent for CD1:
This torrent has about 300 seeds, and gives me full speed on my connection (1.5Mb/s ADSL)
Use a testing service like or something else.

Or, do you mean that your ISP is throttling peer-to-peer software download/upload speeds?
Da Rossa
Thanks for the Linux advice, look the performance Sad

This was supposed to be conclusive, but the newbies that represent the people in the law would not be convinced about this. Sad

Then look after several minutes: no improvements.

You're probably being throttled or something... Here's my results: (please click to see full image)

Unless you're running Windows XP SP2 and haven't patched the TCP/IP stack, in which case you need the EvID4226 Patcher (it's NOT a virus, although is sometimes detected as one!)
Da Rossa
That's evident, isn't it? Sad
Thanks for the advices.
I personally always thought that bittorrent would only be useful if there's alot of people uploading/downloading the file. If you're the only one that has to upload it and your friend is the only one downloading it, i think it would really slow down the process.

Can't you just do something like megaupload or rapidshare?
Da Rossa
These 2 are based on http, then it's ok. And I'm uploading to several peers, then it was not supposed to be that slow.
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