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how can I upgrade my forum's phpBB2 plus 1.5 version

I want to ask about the way that I can upgrade my forum's phpBB2 plus 1.5 .

I think phpBB2 plus 1.5version doesn't has enough hacks or templetes

So please lead me to the correct way to upgrade my forum's version and I want to know in general which directory or folder in the CP is the place to install hacks in

thank you

Ask there, they can give you better support on their own premod Wink
Loathing in Fear
It is just like the normal phpBB version, just a bit bigger.

When you download a hack (like CashMod) you just have to open the readme file, and read the instructions, to install it.
Note: some codes are different in phpBB plus so you have to look carefully.

To upgrade it, to a later version, download the patch on and read the instructions.

P.S. If you need more help, on upgrading or installing hacks.
ask me, or go to

P.S.-2 I will install hacks for you, for a little fee
price depends on how difficult it is.

Loathing Wink
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