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My Computer Keeps Freezing Up When It Loads Too Much...?


When i have my computer on and say i load up msn, media player and my web browser at the same time it crashes...

It an up-to-date pc and never done this before, i have done spyware scans with (ad-aware and spybot) and virus scan with avg free (22 viruses) Shocked

Anyone have anyone have any ideas on what the problem might be?

Thanks for the help in advance, Sam (GamersWW) Cool
You should open a system monitoring application (I could tell you how, if only you had stated your OS version...) and look at the memory statistics. If you are using almost all of it you need to either get more memory (if you don't have much) or kill the virus that is usurping it all.

Supposing that you are using windows 2000 or xp, you should press
Ctrl + Alt + Delete and then click the "performance" tab.
Also when u press ctrl alt delete (at same time) go to processes and click explorer.exe then hit end process >> yes >> then go into File >> New Task >> explorer.exe >> ok

If that unfreezes your computer then your problem is windows os related, otherwise its a specific program.

This is all assuming that nothing in hardware is wrong or out of date (which it doesn't sound like it is the problem)
You can try to remove softwares from startup by entering to Sys. config
Do: start->run->msconfig
then, go to "startup" tab
and uncheck the unnecessary applications.

good luck! Wink
It might well be something overheating, i.e. the processor. If this is the problem then putting a significant load on it by multitasking would definitely cause the computer to crash or freeze up. I would recommend getting a CPU monitor application then watching it when you start to load things up; if the temperature rises seriously then this is the problem. Idea
1st thing is to make that PC virus free... u can get best AVS for trial... then run a scan.. clean all virus... then just switch back to ur OLD free AVS..

now if then the problem still presisits... then may be its time check ur PSU (Power Supply Unit) make sure it has enough juce to supply to all the demanding hardware of ur system... Very Happy Very Happy
Just a quick question for clarification.
Does it only freeze when you run those specific 3 programs or does it freeze when you open any programs?
Also how much memory are u using?
If your computer is up-to-date then it should be a cpu overheating, but the fact that it startted recently indicates that either software you have added recently is causing a memory leak or u have a bug of sorts.
Using task manager Processes will allow you to see the amount of memory being used by all running processes.
I doesn't mean that if your computer detected some viruses, doesn't mean you're computer isn't infected anymore. The mere fact that you were infected by 22 viruses means that you're very much vulnerable from virus attacks.

If you're an advanced Win user, then I'd recommend that you kill those viruses using HJT and updated AV and AS softwares.

Being fully updated with WinXP updates don't really guarantee your PC's security. So always install Real time agents.

As for the over heating part, at what rate does your computer crash? After an hour? or when you just booted your computer? Or maybe one of your fans isn't working?
what internet brower(s) do you use? I know that there are a few things like paytime.exe and secure32. These kind of things effect internet explorer, sometimes even crashing the computer if you got some of their files but not all of them.

Also I would say to check out the fan. If your fan or just air flow is not working right then the CPU will over heat and crash.

Hope your able to fix your problem.
It is probably not because of your harware. Have you tried to reinstall the program or uninstall some of the software that might cause your problem? In a lot of cases, the problem will disappeared, at least for me.
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