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Anyone else here play Dofus? I've been playing for about a month and got DH (dear husband) all hooked on it shortly after.. To the point where he paid for a months' subscription! It's a really fun game, if you're into RPGs and things. If anyone here plays already, my ingame name is gwendlyn. Very Happy
Hmm...seems interesting. Could you post some info and/or links?
Sure! Just check out - it's a lot of fun - my husband is addicted to it, lol. Very Happy
Yea i read about Dofus few months ago in a local computer magazine. I like RPG's alot and i tryed this game... now.. i think i could really get into this game but i'm missing a few tips or a tutorial or something. Do u know where to get some good, ehhmm, introduction and tutorials ?
it's nice to know other people also play dofus here
i play it for over a year now but with a break of a couple of months when i just didn't had the time to start the game
i don't pay for it yet but i am considering doing that later
right now i have 2 characters
a level 17 sacrier named thaisa and a level 3 sadida named rajani
if ya wanna add me to play together for once, just let me know
but i must warn ya
i'm not online all the time
maybe till there
I used to be addicted to that game. However, since I only played it on and off, I never got a subscription. My Cra got up to level 25 before I stopped playing. I later started a new character, which was also a Cra, since I messed up with leveling up some of my skills, and it got to level 15 before I stopped.

I started playing Dofus Arena when it came out, and, I must say, I love it soooo much better than the MMORPG version. It takes out all the stupid plot stuff, and leaves the really funny tactical gameplay, as well as some really balanced team design. I haven't played that in a while, though. If I ever bother downloading Dofus again, my SN is rcscott. I'm F2P, so, get over it. I'd much rather play with you on Dofus Arena anyways.
Yeah! it's a french flash game! Even if it's not a blockbuster like WOW, the price is cheaper and it's very funny Smile
That game was awesome! I used to play it non stop, but unfortunatly it became dull when i noticed i was always doing repetive tasks like training on the same monsters and such. I don't know about you but i played on the rushu server and I kinda got depressed that there was people getting to lvl 100+ quickly and now I do not play very much.

If I am ever on my IGN is Dj-Ice (7x feca), i might do some free jewlmaging for you ^^

Quick Tip: if you wanna make a lot of money and level up too I suggest fighting bulbushes(xp) and bulbiflors(money). If you cant fight them then go to minitoror island with a crackler set or somthing ^^
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