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Michael Jackson Spotted in Robe and Veil

Comcast News wrote:
MANAMA, Bahrain - Pop star Michael Jackson was spotted shopping in a Bahrain mall on Wednesday, hiding his face behind a veil and donning a black robe traditionally worn by women in the Gulf.

He was with three children, apparently his own, who also had their faces covered by dark scarves. An unidentified woman accompanied them.

The pop star, who seems to be settling in the Persian Gulf, was seen leaving Marina Mall in the Bahrain capital, holding a child by the hand. On the way out a back door, he shook hands with security guards.

The woman _ also dressed in the black robe called an abaya, jeans and a scarf that partially covered her face _ had the two other children. All three children were wrapped in black scarves and wore yellow shirts and sweatpants or khakis without robes.

Since his June acquittal on child molestation charges in California, Jackson has made several trips to Bahrain as a guest of Sheik Abdullah bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the son of Bahrain's king. He reportedly was negotiating a position as a consultant with a Bahrain-based company that plans to set up theme parks and music academies in the Middle East.

The entire article can be found at:

Talk about the man who wanted to be queen.
Talk about what, exactly? o.o

Personally, I never thought he was guilty of any molestation in the first palce, and think it's incredibly cruel and unfair that he's being pretty much stalked and having his every movement reported in such a negative way, as is evident by the mentioning in the article that he was *le GASP* holding his child's hand.

I absolutely hate the negative press he's getting just for being extremely unusual and eccentric. Mental? Probably. But derranged? I highly doubt it.
I don't know if we'll ever know the truth. I don't think the man should have children, though, but this is based on what I hear on the news, which I don't trust a lot of times. His poor kids, he's really screwed em up.
Peter Pan syndrome? Maybe.
And this surprises anybody??

I agree that whatever went on between M. Jackson and those children we may never fully know the truth, and all the negative publicity it generated was possibly a bit overboard.

But I look at it this way...if it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck, chances are it's a duck.
honestly, this should not surprise anyone. What would surprise me is michael jackson acting normal. wait a minute... that doesn't make any sense; Michael jackcon acting normal - in the famous words of john stossel: gimme a break!!!

look that guy is about as messed up you can possibly get and get away with it. he is insane, mad... a nutjob. He needs to be put away in a loony bin. And there's nobody out there who will dare disagree with me on that one! if you do, both of you need to be locked away somewhere together.

I mean just look at what he has done to his body. ok a little nose job is alright if it will help give you confidence or whatever. but bleaching yourself each time you get your lips, eyes, cheeks and god-knows-what-else done??? that is a sure sign that you have issues. And to keep going at it for years on end tells me you need to talk to somebody about them. he is mad!!

and lets not even talk about his kids. actually no. lets talk about them. first of all they are NOT his. Come on people lets not deny the obvious. Look i am a black guy ok. and i have a white girlfriend. we know what our kids will probably look like--MIXED!! michael jackson's kids are white. like swedish, norwegian, finnish type of white. there is not a speck of blackness in those kids. no nappy hair - those kids are blonder than the blondest blond person on earth. now i know my biology as well as anyone who did it in high school and actually passed it. and i know that plastic surgery doesn't change your genes. as a matter of fact you would have to do a lot to change your genes to make your kids come as white as plastic surgery and bleaching has made you!!

So if michael jackson still has those same genes from birth, such as the ones that give you nice African hair and a dark complexion, how the hell can anyone believe that those kids are his.

And if, IF, michael jackson has done all that gene therapy (which i don't think is quite possible yet) to make his kids white as well, then it just proves my point that he is MAD!!!!

he's MAD - just needed to drive that point home!
Lord Klorel
I taught that Michael Jackson should act normal from now, but this news bulletin say otherwise.
About his guilty or not guilty i will not speak, but wearing a robe!! Jeezes
I think that jackson has more femal hormons in his body. Twisted Evil

but also we don't have tell him what to do or not. If he want to wear a robe then so be it.

but is my eyes: d'oh! d'oh!
Micheal Jackson in the Persian Gulf, shopping for clothes of all all things, this is some big news. Personally I wouldn't be surprised if the next headline you read with MJ's name in it is regarding UFO's, alien life, or desert oasis's. From everything I've seen the guy is obviously a little off in the head, based on some of the experiences he went through as a child and some of the stuff he's done as an adult. If he can go and start a new life out in the Middle East more power to him, I do believe nobody will even mind/care. The guy really should be a non-news making item from now on.
tbsly wrote:
The guy really should be a non-news making item from now on.

old-news-items die hard....

people need something to gossip about and its sad that most of the time, thanks to tabloids etc, its always these superstars.... they can never have a private moment in their lives thanks to papparazi etc...

i cant even imagine how hard it is for them to try and live a normal life
Talk to comcast about it.
I wanted to call him an idiot but...he's lost his touch with the world. Being in showbiz since young. His view of the world is probably ****** up...haha.
I'm just waiting for his nose to fall off. Very Happy
Maybe he is waiting for his chest to grow out Shocked
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