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google's history

Is there anybody who knows Google's history?Please share me what do you know about Google... Laughing Laughing Laughing
Well, they've been the greatest search engine for a long time, and that's what I reckon' they started off as. Just recently they've been expanding like crazy. The Google Era begins!
Google was stared way back in 1998 by two friends with a capital of 1 million

today they have grow as the number no internet search engine besides

providing many services.They are cathing YAHOO ! very fast
Google is now the most dominant search tool on the web, setting the standards that others try to follow and better, as yet unsuccessfully. It was founded in 1998 - relatively late compared to many of the popular search engines - by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who were graduate students from Stanford University.

Page and Brin had been working together on a search engine they called "BackRub" since early 1996, but with the encouragement of Yahoo! co-founder David Filo, they decided to start a company in 1998 and went looking for investors to back them. Google, Inc. was established on September 7, 1998. The founders hired Craig Silverstein - who was later to become Director of Technology - as their first employee, and started the business in a friend's garage.

Google was still in an alpha stage, with an index of just 25 million pages, but it was handling 10,000 search queries every day. The search engine and the company grew quickly through word of mouth, initially with regular web users coming across the tool and finding the results to their liking.

Usage spread rapidly through press coverage, awards and recommendations, whilst Google's effectiveness and relevance, its speed and reliability, plus clean visual effects and 'quirky' nature all contributed to a rapid increase in the number of new advocates.

Google took a major step forward in 2000 when it replaced Inktomi as the provider of supplementary search results on Yahoo. Since then it has won further successes and now provides search data to Yahoo as its primary results, as well as to AOL, Netscape and Freeserve and BBCi in the UK. This gives Google exceptional coverage of web searches and it now has more than 50% share of the total search market, making it the clear market leader.

Google provides a range of search options, including an image search, directory information taken from the Open Directory, discussion groups (acquired from DejaNews), and a news search service launched in 2002.

Kinda awesome that one of the beginning somewhat high uppers at Google is from my very own University.
i read somewhere that googles home page is so simple that people would often just sit waiting for it to finish loading after it already had! so after they added in the copyright statement at the bottom
Google is now expanding at a very fast rate, dipping their hands into Instant Messaging, file hosting, ads, and most prominently e-Mail.

I hope they come out with a Linux based operating system. That would be awesome! Very Happy
Well my friend told me that it started off as a schools project and i guess with it being really simple and fast people began to use it and word spread around. Also there was probly a hole in the markey when they made it back in 1998... Wink
It was actually a project in University I think, Then it grew to a flown blow company. Since search engines where nearly inexistant back in the 90s, Goggles search engine was one of the first out there, Not the first but still one of those who pioneered the search engine. Google started up with a piece of junk as a server which mostly come from parts which where donated from other companies. Then it grew to server farms overtime.
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