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Google filters (censors) results for their Chinese engine

So Google have bowed to the pressure from the Chinese government and agreed to filter out certain phrases and keywords.

I think Yahoo and MSN have already done this, and I'd like to know what people think of this decision. Is it the start of censorship of the internet? What if other governments decide they want to do the same?
I don't agree with this, because it is censorship. The American gov't has no right to do such a thing, but I can't speak for other gov't such as communism.
I love google to bits, but this does seem kinda against what they're all about. The whole non-bias results etc. But i can see where they're coming from, what would they rather have, no one using google in china because its so slow because of the great firewall of china that filters EVERYTHING coming in, or have servers WITHIN china itself, but so they comply with the law over there they ahve to be filtered results, but it means the users get an overall faster experience. They will still get the same results, just faster. Its not a google thing i would say. They're having servers in china, to improve speeds to their chinese users, and they have to obey the law over there. Simple Smile

Not saying i agree with it, but i dont think you can blame google for doing it.
If this will to happen to other countries as well, its not gonna be called as internet anymore. filtering searches on google is somewhat defeating its purpose. that is why its called search engine because you can search any information that you need. No one owns the internet so no one should impose policies of the kind.

Just thinking aloud.
I think this is a start to censorship, however i think in north america ISP's will hold the power from the government. Like they will say that they want this filtered...etc. So google and other companies will work with these MEGA isps to filter the net making it really slow and destroying the net as we know it now.
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