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Getting into Airsofting, need advice

And these questions answered

1)What's a good sports store to get airsoft guns at? Which also sells airsoft magazines(the ones for the guns not the paper ones)

2)What's a good airsoft gun for a beginner?

Well, I guess that's about it. Give me other advice if you want. Thanks in advanced
My friends and I used to be REALLY into Airsoft before my best friend broke his neck and can't play any more (during an unrelated activity).

Either way, despite the fact that we got pretty hardcore about it, we stuck with spring guns (as opposed to gas or electric) for a few reasons. One is that they're a ton cheaper, which is certainaly nice. The main reason, however, was that they're very reliable, and very easy to operate. If we had other people join us who weren't used to playing, they didn't have to worry about anything seizing, running out of battery, getting too cold, too hot, or whatever. Nice and simple.

As far as stores go, I highly recommend Airsoft Atlanta. We've ordered a number of things from them (and stopped by the store during a road trip), and they're pretty reasonably priced and very good with customer service. is good, too.

Western Arms, Tokoya Mauri and TWC all make decent guns.

I recommend putting just as much thought into your gameplay and tactical gear as you do into your guns. Good camo, barracades, boundries, etc, can really make or break the game. We'd play thoughout the day and then play different game types at night, which was a lot of fun, too.
I myself have a sniper rifle, a pistol, and a shotgun. They are very fun.

The gun for you would depend on how you would use it. There are machine guns, Sniper rifles, pistols, shotguns, Pretty much everything gun there is in real life. You would have to pick the one you would like the most(By your opinion) Because people would use them differently.

There arent many stores around here that sell them, We have a store called Dunams Sports that has a nice selection, But yes, I think the internet would be your best bet to get a good gun at a good price.
Texas Al
So if I get a spring-powered full-sized airsoft M16, how much of a range can I expect from it compared to electric or gas-powered? Because I had been assuming that spring-loaded guns are just glorified toys, but if people have had good experiences with them, I might reconsider.

Also, do you have to manually chamber each round if you're using a spring-loaded gun? I bet it would look really silly to run around hand-cocking something that looks like a machine gun.

Airsoft means paintball, but with BB-sized paintballs, is that correct? If so, do paintball ranges allow airsoft guns?
Thanks for the advice guys, helped alot. Any more?
Just dont go around shooting random things, there is this annoying fool behind my house who has one, I always find the pellets in my yard. Mad If I find out that the pellets are there because he's been shooting my dogs, I'll go beat the crap out of him.

Anyhow, what I'm saying is, be responsible please lol. Laughing
I've played airsoft for about two years. My tips:

1. Buy online. Much cheaper than stores. is my main source.

2. Buy a spring rifle or pistol, and have all your friends have similar guns as you. If someone has a gas pistol, and everyone else has spring rifles, it is no fun because the person with the gas pistol will win every time.

3. Don't buy an AEG. They are HIGHLY overrated. Even after buying and playing with one avidly, I still prefer a good old fashioned spring rifle shootout at a drainage ditch near my house.

4. Use high-quality pellets. I reccommend .20 gram Inertia pellets. They are slick, dead accurate, and just slightly more than cheap pellets.

5. Shoot for the head. Even if your gun is a piece of crap, your opponent will feel the pellet impact his forehead.

6. Use tactics for the course you are playing on. Where I live (suburbs of Atlanta), we have two main courses we play. One course is "the ditch," where we play in a drainage ditch near in my neighborhood. "The ditch" is seperated down the middle by a large concrete wall, with a gap in it, and many bunkers on both sides. There are trees surrounding the whole course, and a "forest" of small pine trees on about half of the course. One team starts in a huge bunker on one side of the wall, and the other team start on the opposite side in the "forest." Games usually last a LONG time, making very realistic gameplay. Use guerilla-style tactics for this type of course. I would reccommend playing somewhere like this over any other course. Also, we used to play in construction sites, which is EXCELLENT if you and your friends are using long-range spring rifles or shotguns. In this case, each team starts in different houses, ideally on opposite sides of the street. The teams should be evenly distributed with firepower on this type of course, with an equal number of short-range and long-range weapons. I don't really reccommend playing on this type of course, because of the risk of being caught. But, if you can avoid getting caught, and have teams of 4v4 or higher, then this type of game is the best you can play. The final type of game I play is generally played in an alley, and is played like speedball. The rounds are very short, and usually very painful for my opposition. I would reccommend this style of game to anyone with limited room to play in.

In any case, I would make sure not to piss off your neighbors by disturbing the peace or whatever. We have had the cops called on us before when we were playing in a construction site. Luckily, we did not get in trouble... But it could have been bad. Airsoft guns resemble real guns almost exactly, and it would be VERY VERY bad if a cop thought your airsoft MP5 was a real MP5. A strategy to avoid any confrontation like this is to get the little kids in your neighborhood into airsoft. That way, all the parents know about it and are not terrified to see you shooting at someone in the street.

Whatever you do with airsoft, remember to just have fun. It is a game, and most people take it too seriously Laughing I usually tend to win a lot more if I just mess around, shooting potshots and mocking my opponents verbally Laughing
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