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Google News Finally Leaves Beta

After over three years, Google News is finally leaving its beta status behind and becoming a fully launched product. The site, which aggregates news stories from across the globe automatically, is available in 22 regional editions and 10 languages. With the graduation from beta, Google has added a feature that recommends stories based on previously read subjects.

"We've also added a section to show you the most popular stories in the Google News edition you are viewing (e.g., U.S.). Now you can see the top stories being published by editors across the web, as well as other stories popular with readers, plus topics that you track or are interested in -- all on one page," said Google News creator Krishna Bharat.
I've visited the site for so long and used it for so long that I' totaly forgot that it was in beta for all those years. I wonder why it took forever to get out of beta stage. It seemed like it worked well when it first came out.
lol..doesn't make much of a difference though...if it leaves beta does it mean it's not going to enjoy as much of the developer's attention as before?
Gmail opened in 1st April 2004.

Maybe it'll only be out of BETA in 1st April 2007?

You know, Google are starting to become the new Microsoft. They are dominating the internet in the same way MS dominate PC software (especially OSs). Hats off to Google though, they get things to work well, even in ßeta. Maybe MS can learn a thing or two...
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