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Best way to learn php?

Im trying to learn pho and MYSQL for credit card addresses etcc. But when i read tutorials on web pages it basicly just goes in my head and straight back out, could any one suggest a way of learning php and MYQL?
My suggestion is go to the library and get a book!

It may be oldfashioned, but the writers of books have education and other nice stuff which will guaranty high quality instructions and simple teaching methods that work.

Also make sure that your book is as new as possible...old books on IT stuff usually suck

I guess you could use google books, but i certainly prefer the real thing...

The book one probably is a better plan, but you could always download PHP scripts from the web and look at the coding to try to figure out what stuff does Razz
Get other good script from internet,and try to edit them and use them,When you meet some question,You can post them to forum or find answer in book,Then you can improve your program!
Mine is.

- Look at scripts people have made.
- Refer to the website.
- Obviously, tutorials are useful Wink

I just finished reading that and it taught me everything. It's basically a book that the author made available free online. I would highly recommend it if you want to learn. Use for reference AFTER, because I've found it can be a lot more technical and hard to learn from at first. Good luck.
the best way to learn php is and look for basic/intermediate tutorials on google
I had a different way of learning PHP. It may sound a bit stupid, but it worked for me.

I was a beginner at PHP, and I wanted to make an advanced user system for my site. First of all I started with a basic members system script, and I continually posted at different forums, for help in doing things. Each time I learnt something new, and used it again and again. Now I have an advanced user system on my site, and know some advanced PHP.

I have never used used a PHP book in my life Razz
Ya I belive in the magical power called as BOOKS

I read from a book and want u to read from one

All book sare good
Best way I think to learn is to come up with a problem.. Look around the internet and solve the problem you have one at a time.. Trust me you'll never forget how to do thinkgs that way. After spending two days trying to find out what something means you're prettyg ood at it when you get it done.. site like are great tools. They have peoples scripts thatare already made and you can sit there and pick them apart. but if you dont understand one part of the script it's very advisable that you look around and figure it out instead of just using the scripts. Or else you wo't learn anything..
I find the For Dummies books to be the best
Well i learnt how to use php at

Its a good site to learn straight from the basics to all the advanced stuff.
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