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come check my cool website ;) very cool design ;)

My Site Wink

How about the background?
Colours are bad, advertisement is bad background is bad.. Sorry to be so mean But the background is in blocks, you can see the lines where it has connected, the colours and the lay out is awful, The advertisements on the site has no relevence at all, im sorry to be so negative, but this is how you learn, i use to create websites like that, but seriously it will take a week if that to make a half decent website, it looks like you have put about 10 minutes into this site, sorry.
you are so mean
Download a template and edit that with dreamweaver or something, seriously you will feel alot better once you have a good website up, you will, yes i was mean and sorry, but sooner or later someone would have said it.

By the way, i did sign up, i now have 36 credits... How is that money?
need to upgrade account first before earn. By the way i'm very noob at creating website. But need to learn since i'm having a vacation right now.
Yer thats ok, everyone usually starts like that (i did and got flamed exactly the same), i personally dont like angelfire hosting never have, I suppose you are wanting a frihhost account, and that would be a great start to a new design, but if i was you i would download a web template (just search google) and once you see one you like, start editing it etc.. and thats how i started.
Background is ok. I don΄t like the rest though. Way too crowded
ty noz. i want to earn more point so i can host it at frihost.
I agree with others!
Get a Frihost account Very Happy
Angelfire sites are soo ugly! Sad
My opinion is that yellow and whit don't watch . It was a little hard to read. Don't listen to them. I thought the backround looked cool. But the possitioning of the words isn't center. So center it. (up at the top) Bold "NOT" blue and blue not a good idea. "1 = Paid Autosurf Program" make that a different color.
The background is in blocks.. it isnt good trust me.. You either need to stretch the background or completly remove it, you will not see ANY Decent websites with block built background Please show me one and then i will agree.
to give a little positive feedback in here, i actually like the background. Its not too bad. The worst part about the background is where it stitches together when the image ends. If you can, get rid of those ads, really annoying. The colours could be a little beter too. I always likes white or black writing.

Good luck.
ty for your feedback. I'm working on it
Before you open a topic with title like yours check out some more sites on this forum Wink Before entering your site I was a bit surprised and really thought that you have created something new and cool. After visiting the first page I was shoked! Oh gosh, this colours are something..!
I'm not talking about a content, it's not so interesting me, by the way...
Background picture - no comments.
I think you must take one of the pre. built templates, start studyng HTML tables and frames and many other things before you'll proudly would say "VERY COOL DESIGN".
Take a look at this:
Succubus Portal
It's one of my first HTML projects. What do you think about it? Study HTML and work with templates if you want to create something REALLY cool...
Good thing - it's good to see new people who try to enter into web design world Wink
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