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About Google

Well I cant really complain about their service. It has nearly all sites in their database, however lately...they just become rude. All the sites containing my name are all on google...deviant art....msn profile...

As well as they are exposing certain vital codes in my site, hijacking it if you will. What is your opinion
sometimes you can found your personal informations on search engines. it's surely annoying. but, you can avoid it by modify robots.txt on your site to limit google and other search engine bots in indexing the site.

if the site is not yours you can modify your personal info into anything else. Very Happy
true true... i tried putting my name on the shoutbox and i found out that almost all guitartab websites were stealing my guitar tabs ^^
IMO Google is a scrupulous company. Here's the URL for removing stuff from Google:
The benefits of search for everyone seem to outnumber the cons of disturbing private information.
Hey, like godam said, if you don't want to be indexed... Robots.txt is there for a reason! Use it!
And if it's on something like shoutbox, then just don't use your real name. It's really that simple. Google indexes everything it comes across, so unless you tell it to not read certain parts of your site, it'll reveal them to the public.
Robots.txt sounds logical, and remember, you can always lie about information that could possibly be made public. The internet is a place of dishonesty, but in this case you are being dishonest to protect yourself, and if it's little stuff like your name, no sweat.

We live in a world that gives no meaning to integrity.
You have to be careful where you put your name on the internet now. Like, if if you're applying for a job, your employers decide to google you, you don't want them to find anything incriminating.
To be honest I think people are slightly paranoid about Google. Their massive growth has scared a lot of people silly (Micro$oft mostly).

I know what you mean about employers but they probably shouldn't do that anyway.

For example:
I know about robots.txt, but im talking about sites that you cant control like deviant art or other public sites.
darknez3 wrote:
As well as they are exposing certain vital codes in my site, hijacking it if you will.
This is your fault... If you don't specify that google shouldn't index your pages, it will.
I know its hard but come on there are a few good things that come from this.

I mean look at this:
All the important things involving Lockwolf are at the top!
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