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Why dont we Role Play in this forum? maximum 15 people are allowed (not to confuse our mind)
you'll just intruduce your character(a bit background and class) and we'll begin.
(in middle earth)
ONLY 100 troops are allowed. (dont tell me you'll come with 100 dragons... game needs balance and we'll make it)

My character's name is Revan the deathbringer. revan was born just after the war (that took his father) started. When revan become 18, he had enough power to go to war again but everybody was exhausted by war. Troops started to think of war's meaninglessness. But kings dont want troops to think. Every resisters was killed. And the war took all that wasnt killed by the king. Almost everything was destroyed. But Revan the deathbringer, the elven mage, started to think... They could re-build the world. Make it as it used to be. Inhabitants of World was all exhausted and have no power left to re-build. He went to his dwarven friend, kanogar to talk about that. Kanogar told him that orcs and hell dwellers would stop him. But revan didnt give up. He swore to himself that he'd make the world good enough to live... again... he looked at his troops just after he got out of kanogar's house. 70 knights, 15 lord sorcerers and 15 sharpshooters. They would go to the arms of death if revan told so. Revan looked at his troops. They were here to re-build the world. They cannot build even a little building but they could stop the evils.

NOTE: thats Free for all, you can be in any team you like, as long as the balance isnt ruined. And, you can make alliances (by using pm if you dont want everyone to know that) and do whatever you like (including betrayals)
cant you edit or delete it? forum looks much more different than it really is. By the way, are you gonna play?
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