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The Current Point system VS The Old Point System

Should the Point/FRIH$ system be changed back?
Yes, to a default of 1 FRIH$ / Point per post
 20%  [ 21 ]
Yes, to a default of 0.5 FRIH$ / Point per post
 6%  [ 7 ]
Yes, to a default of 1 FRIH$ / Point per post which has > 10 words
 44%  [ 46 ]
Yes, to a default of 0.5 FRIH$ / Point per post which has > 10 words
 13%  [ 14 ]
No. Leave it at zero.
 14%  [ 15 ]
Total Votes : 103

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As per my post on the creation of accounts on page 4 of the changes topic.

This is just a poll to see who wants what, and what will happen.



Note that - I'm more or less concerned with the rate of processing accounts for ME and possibly other account creators than the amount of FRIH$/Points I'm going to gain here.
Hmm dunno what to vote since i am not really concerned about how many $ i will have. But i like that there is atleast an option to vote for those that do care about it, i will go with the majority Smile
I'm opting for the 0.5FRIH$ + characters option. When I'm just posting my opinion, or a short question, I don't want to have to milk it out into a short essay just to keep my FRIH$ above my posts.
I think the new system is fine, however i done think it will reduce spamming that much, as when they join up, they will just send 50 messages now insteas of 10 like before (i think). It may reduce spamming a tiny bit but not alot
Damn why did i vote for the 3rd option.

I wanna make it 2nd -- 0.5 minimum.

For one simple reason if we make it 10 word for 1 point then just 30 words will fetch full 3 points. Plus one will then have to decide how many letters should one word ideally have and blah blah. Its a really stupid mod.

One cant set diferent limits for upto 10 words and then. So it will have to be minimum & then for every character. So 0.5 it should be Very Happy
10 word posts and above should start at a base 0.5, and count all the content (including those 10 words) towards the additional points earned. Posters will receive a decent amount of base points, and more if they do have more content.
With this system, you have to talk a lot of no sense making crap.
To get some points. :-(

Crap Crap Crap Crap Crap Crap Crap Crap Crap Crap Crap Crap Crap
The old one was better, there should be at least a 10 word minimum to get 1 point or something like that. It just hate it because I was at least going to get 1 point for every post I made. Now I type so much and I still dont even get 1 point for what I type.
I think the 1 point for a post 10 characters and up is sufficient. My comments are usually witty, short, sweet, and to the point. I don't have the time nor will to type thousand word essays each posts, and I shouldn't have to type that much to get 3 points.

I liked the old system better, but the poll option I chose works good too.
yeah, the 10 words would stop from having post that just say something like
"ok" just to get another $
I do prefer the old system.. I guess its easier to get points and frih$..
I think that it should be set to a default of 0.5 points per post. I don't really care that much though, I've been here since July 2005 and I'm not going anywhere soon, so I'll just keep posting, no matter how many points I earn Very Happy.
Well, let's just hope Bondings sees this post and considers...
I think its a good idea having the one point for above 10 words. I realise that a 1 point minimum encorages some people to spam short posts, but this would be a good idea, preventing really short posts while still helping people gain points.
I prefer the way it is... But if we come back to the old system, i prefer that the minimum points is 0.5 and the lenght is more than 10 not repeated words ( without smiles, of course... )
Personally I like the way it is, but really it doesn't matter to me either way. If the mods preferred it the other way, I would say it would be better the other way.
this current point system is very difficult and new users may find it tough .

So please reconsider your decision
Forcing the spammers to write lines and lines is resulting in a lot of nonsense texts, we should go back to the old system, 1 point per post plus some points for how much words there are in int.
usually i answer short and to the point. I don`t thnk anyone saw me spamming on these forums. So i guess it is going to be much harder for me to earn my points now...but heh...whatever
I voted for 0.5 points for >10 words... i think it is the most balanced option available in the list.

Good luck with it Wink
n0obie4life wrote:

Note that - I'm more or less concerned

LMFAO n0ob Razz

By the way under the old system the above statement would have earned me an entire point and FRIH$.
I'm posting this because I need the points. Normally I would just take the poll. I voted for 1 point for 10 words. I'm not how different that is from the old system ( I know you would get 1 point for 1 word, but how much did you get for 10 words?) I'm glad that the majority of people polled liked 1 for 10 words. I agree that the forums need to be more interesting, but I think that happens by people creating diverse and interesting topics. If you are a person for good content, then make a topic that's different from any others you've seen.
Option 3. Im not that big of a fan of spam. But its a pain to have to keep up my points with more than one post per day.
0.5 minimum point.
I have been away on holidays and now I got back andwriting posts I get crap all... This is really annoying I say a 1 point min 10 words but you also receive less point for under 10 words. I have to to make up my points again... With this new system it is making this harder for everyone. This site in my case is very active and if you make hosting to hard people your members going to leave eventually!
You should also think about people who dont have enough time in their day. people who work 9-5 and have family for all the extra writing we have to do is harder on them...

Down With This New SYSTEM Evil or Very Mad !
i voted for 1firh$ for posts greater than 10 words. maybe the 10 can be changed to 15 but that sounds reasonable Smile
susanna mayfair
I don't really care for the new points system. It sounds like a moderating nightmare too. Are those in charge going to have to read through every single post now and grade it for 'quality'? I think if you post something, you should get something.
i cant understand what u mean
The moderaters are not giving points based off of quality. Point are rewarded based on the number of characters (letters, words) in a post. The moderaters have always tried to keep content in the right place and not duplicated. The new system makes it so people don't leave short posts with no content.
I like the new point system better, it does encourage better posts, instead of stupid one liners. If you can't even whip out at least 2 sentences then I don't think you should get any points.
When I thought I was going to get a new account after acccumaltaing these points, I was dissapointed because I was getting .09898 and .4595 and I was sitting here with my jaw open, after posting what I thought were quality posts.
I haven't been here that long so I don't know what the old system was like, so I don't really know how to vote on this issue.

I like the current system tho, if you just post something like "yeah, I heard that" or the like you don't get very much. I think the way it is makes for better posts. The more you type, the more you get.
Prefer getting 1 point per post. Well, making 10 words as minimum to get that, is a good idea.
shut up
I voted for 1 point per 10 < post because honestly there are sometimes when you cannot get a whole long reply. but make it 4 point for a long (200< words) reply.
How many FRI$ will I need for a BMW M5?
well. guess 0.5 5 is enough to praise a people who didin't get much time to post long post,

in other hand, giving 1point/ post is not wise (In my oppinion of course) cuz, it'll make a people who hosted here to post just a few words a day to keep their account life Sad that's bad I think XD

Ok, Just my oppinion - CMIIW eh?
I ve check

Yes, to a default of 1 FRIH$ / Point per post which has > 10 words

cause for me it's the best hcoise. But it's complicated to find the just way. A guy who writting exacly 10 words will have exalcly teh same point the the guy who write a tutorial???
I don't think people should be counting words when they post, worrying about how many points they're going to get for it.

Just find a topic that interests you, and say what you want to say. That's what I do, and the points take care of themselves.
Well. I guess that was a conversation stopper, which was not really my intent.
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