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Jamie Foxx- Unpredictable *Review*

I review albums for my site, and i review this album last week. thought i might share it with you.

For all of yall' who just love to set the mood right. This is the best album you can get now a days. With usher gone. But unlike usher, always having problems with his girls on his tracks. Foxx just loves you ladies. Very smooth and ready to make love to ya.

Now album has some great collaborations. Starting with Ludacris, Twista, Snoop Dogg, The Game, Mary J Blidge, Kanye West, and Common. Ready to help you guys out, so yall can get the 'lovin' on.

Unpredictable ft Ludacris - Great song to start the album and his 'solo' career with. Like i said great track to start the mood, with his lyrics '...Girl get comfortable we bout to do something you neva done before..." Ludacris' lyrical expression not nasty but always getting straight to the point. ha-ha. Great Song.
Beat - 9 Lyrics 9 Vibe 10

Warm Bed - Moving forward to the bed, this is yet another good track, for all of those lucky boys who get the girl from the club and go straight to a 'warm bed'. This is yet another good beat produce by Mr. Collipark.
Beat 8 - Lyrics 9 Vibe 9

DJ Play a Love Song ft Twista - We all know go to a club to party and freak the s**t out of someone. hehe, but once in a while a good love song don't hurt, if you got someone special next to ya. We all know Twista can put it down when it comes to a nice 'Slow Jam'
Beat 9 - Lyrics 9 Vibe 9

With You ft Snoop Dogg & The Game - One you hear this beat, I will guarantee you will hit your girl/boy up. Awesome lyrics from Snoop, Game and Foxx. Very great track to tell a girl sh** straight up boy.
Beat 9 - Lyrics 9 - Vibe 9

Can I Take You Home - On tracks like this one here, you can tell that an album like this, is an album of us grown folk, No 16, 17 year old sh**. This is a perfect mood setter track. Watch out R. Kelly your replacement is here. Awesome Song.
Beat 10 - Lyrics 10 - Vibe 10

Love Changes ft Mary J Blidge - Nice & Slow, very smooth track, Foxx, got some good lyrics to help you get that girl you really feelin'. Foxx and Mary have that sound that you hear from them old school tracks when people use to do them duets.
Beat 9 - Lyrics 9 - Vibe 10

Extravaganza ft Kanye West - This is probably my favorite track on this album. I just feel in love with this beat man. Very nice and slow flow from Foxx, the lyrics: i didn't like the chorus that much, but it's still a great track. Got to love that Kanye flow, putting them fake ass boys in their place. haha.
Beat 10 - Lyrics 9 - Vibe 9

Three Letter Word - Kind of a 'freakish' song, 'S - E - X' even thought it may sound like something a regular rapper would just rap about or throw on a hook. But Foxx makes the ladies understand that it's needed for them and us.
Beat 8 - Lyrics 8 - Vibe 8

Get This Money - With a title like this one, it would make you think that it would be 'Gold Digger Part 2' but no. Very nice and slow song. He talks about girl that take care of themselves. That can be very sexy as well.
Beat 9 - Lyrics 9 - Vibe 9

VIP - A lot of rapper been saying 'F**k VIP' or 'VIP done got full' But Foxx, still wants to show you off on a nice VIP room. With anything and everything for free. I am sure the girls gotta love those VIP rooms.
Beat 8 - Lyrics 8 - Vibe 8

Do What It Do - I thought a track with a title like this one, would have Paul Wall on it. LoL. It would have been a good track with Paul Wall. Maybe a Remix. Anyways, with lyrics like ' body is calling you..' I am sure you can get the idea of this track.
Beat 9 - Lyrics 9 - Vibe 9

Storm (Forecast) - This track is definitely for all you Romantics out there. With the storm out there. I am sure you can get girl to fall for you with track like this one.
Beat 9 - Lyrics 9 - Vibe 10

U Still Got It (Interlude) ft Common - This maybe the shortest track on the album, but it most definitely a must hear. Very smooth track, very great lyrics. This track is for those people that have been together for a while, and your wife/girl doesn't look the way she used to but she 'Still Got It'
Beat 9 - Lyrics 10 - Vibe 10

Heaven - Very great song, a story about a girl that reminds you of the most beautiful thing which is an 'angel' very great track.
Beat 9 - Lyrics 9 - Vibe 9

Wish U Where Here - This is a very Touchin' track. This is a track for his mother. Very great song. I was impressed 'lyrically' it's a great track to remind you of your lost on, Specially if you have lost your mother at an early age.
Beat 9 - Lyrics 10 - Vibe 10

Overall - Now, I don't know to hear that 'Slow Jams' are for gay, or soft people. Yall just too caught up in trying to stay 'gangsta' I do suggest yall buy this album. Wheater you are 15 - 50+ of age and black, white, brown, whatever. Buy this album. It was a very great album for rookie to the game Jamie Foxx. That is it for me. Peace out and Have safe sex people. Late, Will
i want to bought it! i hear the whole tracks of it & i think the best song are extravangaza too
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