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Your pet..

What or Who is your favorite pet?
My pet is a black cat,It's name is "bobowu"!
My pet is the white dog, It's name is: BEIKE, good is lovable.
i have only a pigeon in my house. it has a good and strong voice. it have no name and it's several years old and maybe would be dead anytime. Crying or Very sad
we have a greyhound called Dillian, he's as daft as a brush, spends most of his time sleeping but knows when it's time for the kids to get home from school, he really loves the kids and is far less trouble than the kids are too. Laughing

never been a cat lover, we did have Tropical fish for a few years, even a little fresh water lobster. also had a couple of Snakes and an Iguana but dogs have always been favorite in our house
My cat. He weights about 6 pounds so quite a big one.
He's cute though. He comes licking my face in the morning.
Although I do not want to know where that toung has been before. Laughing
Well, we have two pets: 2 dogs, roughly the same age.
We got both of them from the pound, the first had been abandoned as a puppy, we bought her when she was about 6 weeks. She's 11 now, going on 12 in April and she's still acting like a frisky puppy. Her nam's Bagheera, she used to be black as night, now she's turning grey.
The other we got a year later to keep Bagheera company. She's a ginger dog with white feet, called Rama. One month younger than B.

We don't know the race for either, cause they're mixed breeds and we can't determine all of the races, so... But who cares, apart from the fact that they seem to go absolutely crazy from time to time, they're doing just fine for 11 year olds Wink
I have one aquarium fish. It's cold water gold fish. It has no name but it's big. We bought 4 fishes for aquarium but only that fish survive. After that we buy several other fishes but when we going on wacation or weekend only when we return it's only that big fish in aquarium. It's little scarry, isn't?
right now, i dont have a pet. but had a lot before. i had fish, chicken Shocked , rabbits, dogs, cats (loads of them)..

unfortunately, those were either given away, or killed ( not by me, im a vegetarian ). my chicken found its way into the cats stomach
i used to have a fish, he was called goldy. Then i fed him to much. Sad
I have a dog named Shaggy. He's the cutest little pup ever! He's very obedient, quiet, doesn't jump too much, but likes to play. The perfect dog!

Also, when I was little my family had three fish. My brother named them when he was three. Their names were Mopie, Dopie and Fish. I always found that amusing.
Now I don't have any, but four years ago I had eight cats in a apartment. Everytime I stepped was on a cat... Laughing
But I moved and gave them to a friend...
i have a cat: Salem
Again? Really?
You want to hear everyone again?
Older thread on this topic
i have cat Smile Smile Smile
I used to have a puppy, 12 guinea pigs, and 2 fishes.... but gave them all away while a cross-country move....
Now I have 2 Hamsters.
My favourite of all would be dogs and ferrets. lol.

I would love to have a highly trained bird of some kind, so when I say go turn off the lights, or go bring me my keys from my desk, he/she/it will will fly for it and bring it to me. Smile

Not sure if there are any smart birds like that...
my fav animal is my bulldog ive had it 12 years lol
my pet is a black and white patched cat who likes getting into fights with other cats
I don't own a pet right now but I want to have a dog.

My favorite's band is bouvier bernois. I just love them !

However, my boyfriend of the moment hates dog so I don't think I'm gonna buy one any time soon.

I love cats too, although I suffer a bit from asthma and it doesn't help. I heard there are cats whose fur is made of wool. They must be really expensive!
I have a Black and White cat named Burt. He is about 6 years old...born on our front porch from a stray cat. He was very fun and playful up until about 3 years ago, and since then he has become quite lazy. All he does is sit and sleep all day, however he sill knows how to make someone happy when they need it the most.
My favourite pet is my only pet Emily. She is not only my pet but my best friend. My parents got her for me from the SPCA when I picked her out. She is a Black Lab/ Border Collie mix with a white patch on her chest and four white paws. The rest of her is black mostly, and she closely resembles a black lab, with the exception of her white markings and softer fur. She also has a patch on the top of her head that looks like a white star.
She was abused when we got her and I managed to eventually get her to stop being so nervous by making sudden movements away from her until she herself realized that just because I would make a sudden movement,
she could trust that I would never ever hit her, and that I would stop anyone who even tried to. I would also cuddle her and reassure her everytime she flinched, so eventually she lost her fear of humans. One time me and my dad were arguing and hes a hand waver when he talks and my dog jumped on my lap, barred her teeth and snarled at him because she thought he was attacking me. She put her own safety ahead of mine and my dad and I stopped arguing and he was impressed how loyal emily was to me. I love my dog.
a cow!!! lol or maybe a tiger or an elephant. They would be good weapons against enemies he he.

I have a dragon
its about 10 feet tall now
weights about 1000 punds eats everything

just kidding lets see
I have 3 cats
my mom wanted a friggin dear so there getting one when they move to the country they have paid for it already

umm I had a hampster for like 3 years (it died recently)
ummmm thats all so far hehe i'll end up with another pet soon enough
I had a pet dog but my mum and gave her away to a friend because our whole family was moving away. I didn't really like her at first, but after some time I just can seem to be away from her. Her name was venus, she used to run around the house, which was very annoying in the evening, but the night falls, she would run into the bedroom and sleep in the corner. I just love it when she is asleep. She just look so peaceful when sleeping.
I currently don't have a pet, and had only one in the past. Otto was his name, a purebred weimerunner (spelling?). He'd cuddle up with me everynight in bed, and didn't really shed his fur or anything.
I have 8 bull terries

I have a hamster named Musharoni after a drunken pary one night where my friend tried to order a "musharoni" pizza and argued that they had it for a half hour.

I also have 2 guinea pigs and a cat. The guinea pigs names are Cajun and Cashew and are adorable. And the cat's name is jetty. She is really awefull though.
i don't have a pet but i prefer a dog because it is not

as lazy as a cat.
Well, since that old topic sorta died out anyway, I don't see any harm in doing another topic like this, since at least it beats topics like "what do you think women are??!!11" >.>

Anyway, I have one pomeranian. Well, from what it looks like, he doesn't seem to be a purebred pom, but he's cute nonetheless =P. He's at least 3 pounds over the 8 pound max his seller told me he'd grow into (I got him when he was just a bit over 2 months =D he looked like a shoe back then).

My aunt on the other hand, she keeps taking in strays >.> so her house is like an animal shelter now -_-;; since she loves animals in general and can't stand to see them suffer (she lives in china, so there isn't a place to send the animals to and for them to be able to kept alive and well near her place =/)
My favourite pet is my dog called benny, small cavalier king charles spaniel.
Acts like a puppy still but is about 4 years old
well at present i have no pets again. i had a mix breed of doberman and alstation for ten years but he died last year. i had him since 1995. a drunk biker bounced him and killed him. two months later i got a short breed pompek but he got run over also so i made up mind that i would not take no more pets because they end up being run over. it is very sad!!

i also had a cat for about three years but he died. reason still unknown!! Rolling Eyes
I haven't got a pet. My father has fish, and they're great.
my pet is a black and white cat which my sister named "twinkle" lol

we had it from when it was a kitten n cud sit on the palm of my hand!

although its well fed n looks like a lil furry jersy cow lol
My dog Blackie. He's 1/2 ratwhiler and 1/2 black lab. The cutest and nicest dog in the world
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