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Fujitsu Siemens Laptop

ok... i have fujitsu siemens laptop, and i have a problem...
my computer doesnt recharging...
and also not working with the adaptor too...
where could be the problem...

do laptops work when we remove theie batteries but open with the adaptor...

(i hope you understand the problem)
It depends on how old the laptop is. If it's a couple of years old, then expect the battery to refuse taking a charge. If it's new, it might still be under warranty, and you should call them up to have them take a look at what the problem might be.

That's all that I can suggest, but good luck with solving the problem.

- Mike.
it is not a new one and i dont have a warranty...
ok, one more question...
if the problem is my battery, shouldnt it work with the adaptor...
i will take it to its service next week but i think it will be a little expensive for me...
give this a try first...take the battery out and unplug the power adapter from both the computer and the wall (if it was in a power strip unplug that from the wall too) while the battery is out and the adapter is unplugged just push the power button on the computer...then plug the power adapter back into the power strip/wall socket and plug it into the computer...but do not put the battery back see if it powers if it doesnt try putting the battery in and if it still doesnt then its probably gonna need service...either a new adapter or maybe the place where you plug it in is loose and may need to replaced

i know that whole procedure sounds weird but a similar thing happened to my laptop not too long ago and thats pretty much exactly what i did after a few hours of trying to figure out why my laptop wouldnt charge.
One other thing to try from my old days with mobile phone batteries.

If you can get a CPU cooler fan or a 12v light bulb. Connect this to your battery and you'll find it'l power the fan or light the bulb very easily. Leave it connected until the fan stops or the bulb goes out. This can take 3 - 5 days.... YES DAYS! However, this will have totally discharged the battery.

Now once it is totally discharged, pop the battery back in to your laptop and see what happens. If it starts to charge it might be able to hold a small amount of charge.

If it still doesn't work, then the battery is totally dead.

It's a very cheap and simple way of finding out.

I hope this helps.
thanks, i will try all and will write the results back...
Toshlad, that method is only good for Ni-Cd batterys. Ni-Cds need a ful discharge and a full recharge to work to their full capacity because they have what is called "memory". Li-Ion batteries however should not be fully drained, because they do not have memory, and it can cause damage.
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