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What do you think about ethnic music?

What do you think about ethnic music?
here's a recommendation - look for The Idan Raichel's Project. Idan is an Israeli that does israeli music combined with Ethiopian music and motives. His music is just beautiful, and you can skip the language barrier easily.
No different to any other group of music - I like some of it, but only the good stuff.
I am not sure of your definition of ethnic music...By ethnic do you mean hip-hop of are you talking about music from other cultures? If you mean music that has an origin over 500 years ago I would respond by saying, no I don't like ethnic music. But if your talking about hip-hop then I'll have to say yes I do indeed like ethnic music.
I loved the way Rahman has done it on Dol Dol (Yuva)
good ethnic music you can find in Romania...
Ethnic music? Laughing

<3 <3 <3 hahahahha. I love ethnic music.

Chinese Music: Chinese music is among one of my favorite music genres, partly because I'm half chinese, so its understandable for me, but even for those of you who don't understand, the music itself is pretty nice. I'll name a few artists for you guys to sample if you wish.
- Jay Chou
- Wang Lee Hom

Korean Music: another one of my all time favorite genres. The singers are incredibly handsome/gorgeous, and their songs are amazing. I don't understand the lyrics but like i said, you don't need words to understand music =) Rap is all about getting in other people's pants anyways. who wants to hear that?
- Minwoo
- Hyesung
- Shinhwa
- Kangta
- Boa
- Hyori
- se7en

Japanese Music: im not too familiar with this genre, since I don't listen to it much, but there are some artists, songs that I like. Most come from animes that I've seen though.
- Orange Range
- Full Metal Alchemist
- Kajiyura Yuki
- Game OSTs (ex. FFVII, etc.)

Give these artists/music a try. It wouldn't hurt to try, and a lot of them sound really good. I hope you enjoy them! Very Happy
Define "ethnic", what maybe ethnic to you, may not be to me.
Ethnic popular musics are notable for the ways they cross ethnic borders and mark a wide variety of social activities as ethnic and, especially, postethnic. Ethnic popular musics have hybrid texts in which numerous ethnic traditions are identifiable. Their connections to any single ethnic community are never so esoteric as to hinder their appeal to other communities and the mainstream popular culture. Ethnic popular musics, finally, usually employ musical styles from other popular musics, and they make extensive use of instruments from other popular musics.

Whereas diverse popular musics have been shared by Chicago's historically significant Central and Eastern European ethnic groups, the most widespread style is polka. As a dance style highly dependent on performance, polka provides a context in which different European American communities gather to experience a common repertory, albeit a repertory in which specifically German, Czech, or Polish traditions can be expressed. Chicago polka bands are mobile, and most bands play for numerous ethnic groups and community functions. Chicago polka styles have been very influential beyond Chicago, significantly shaping American ethnic popular music as a whole.

In Chicago's Hispanic communities, mariachi is one of the clearest examples of ethnic popular music. Historically an urban, Mexican style, mariachi now connects Mexicano, Tejano, Puerto Rican, and Central American communities in Chicago. In the 1980s and 1990s mariachi has broken through into mainstream popular culture and become the emblematic Hispanic music for public events. Depending on its functions, mariachi music therefore represents ethnicity in different ways, ranging from a more localized Mexicanness to a much more expansive Hispanicness with which non-Mexican Hispanics can identify.

In Chicago's South Asian communities, Indian film music, filmi sangit, functions as an ethnic popular music that crosses linguistic borders and is widely available in Indian and Pakistani video and grocery stores. Film music, however, has historically been imported, and its functions depended largely on mediated consumption. In the 1990s a new South Asian popular music became popular in Chicago, bhangra, a hybrid style that mixed elements from Indian film and classical music, Hindu (bhajan) and Muslim (qawwali) religious genres, rock 'n' roll, and African American popular music, especially hip-hop and funk. Bhangra, though performed primarily by a generation of South Asian Americans born in the United States, has widespread appeal, proffering a cultural, class, and religious unity in the ethnic community that had been impossible in India and Pakistan.
in a way it's kind of a funny question, since most of the music that is or has ever been made around the world is classed as 'ethnic' by people like HMV or Virgin...
but if we're asking afrobeat rocks Smile
Classical Spanish Music (guitar and clappers) can be nice,
the arabian/asian chanting can be relaxing,
The himalayan guitar songs can be nice,
I like the pan-pipes
The scottish bag-pipes are nice
African pop is really good.
Personally, I think ethnic music (though admittedly good music) is poop-ish. Now, when you combine traditional ethnic with some modern electronic pop/techno, then you got something.

I just simply don't prefer "conventional" music, that's all...
It depends.
I like most of it okay. Very Happy
I have a record called "Roma in Serbia - Anthology of Traditional Gypsy Music" and it's one of my favorites these days. So danceable! Some of the best music is adapted from traditional "ethnic" music. Joanna Newsom, for example, plays English ballad scales on her harp, but plays them to the time of African kora music. Blues itself came about when some people combined European ballad scales with the basic West African scale, and then found a few extra, "blue" notes. Traditional music is indispensable. And seriously, try not to dance to those Serbian Roma songs!
I don't like most ethnic music. I think it's an acquired taste, just like ethnic food. It usually sounds really different than what we're used to hearing, and sometimes it doesn't really sound pleasant or good to us.

I have a Russian background, so I like Russian ethnic music. I was raised with it.

Of course, I'm talking about REAL ethnic music, not all that fake crap.
A very known (in Brazil) ethnic music band: Pedra Branca.
Is one of my favorites, around the world.

They mix african, indian and brazilian music, with some electronics and other influences. It's soooo great! Take a look, it worths the effort.
sorry. . .
I don't like most ethnic music , as sondosia said it's an acquired taste, just like ethnic food. It usually sounds really different than what we're used to hearing, and sometimes it doesn't really sound pleasant or good to us.

I have a Russian background, so I like Russian ethnic music. I was raised with it

i prefer like a pop music
i look at music for what it is... and when listening to a piece of music, it is only then I decide whether I like it. Ethnic music or not, if I like it, I like it. It's hard to say "yea I like it" when I'm still taking in new sounds everyday.
Yes, I like ethnic music. It's simple and good. It's linked with local culture, way of living and history. Many local singers/musicians give credit to it.
Commercial music sounds too repetitive. Ethnic sounds more genuine. Look at the lyrics and music in a MTV song: it's probably one more equal to so many others. And the lyrics message is so poor.

What ethnic music? Cuban, caribian, chinese, spanish, indian, african, arab, brazilian, portuguese, angolan, scandinavian, celtic, argentinian, and so on. Yes, all are welcome.
Ethnic music has the roots for modern music. Modern music has ethnicity embedded on it. Bad interpreters can give a bad reputation to ethnic music, so it's important to listen to several interpreters and then form an opinion. You'll probably discover that, actually, you liked that song or interpretation. If you try to understand the lyrics then you'll find the people's thoughts, concerns, dreams, romances, tragedies, adventures, legends, and so on.

The music is too simple? Yes, many times it's simple, but with good interpretations that's all that matters. There are also virtuosos on ethnic music: Paco De Lucia for instance.
Did you ever hear a gypsy accordionist? Or a portuguese guitar? Or a spanish singer? Or an argentinian bandoneon? Or a chinese violin?
Gypsy music, as well as traditional East Asian music, is quite beautiful. I like all kinds of ethnic music really, from Celtic stuff with lots of bagpipes to African drums. As long as I can dance to it (which is really easy with ethnic music), I'm happy.
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